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Kurmittelhaus Staatsbad Wildbad (today: Palais Thermal)



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Autobahnkirche St. Christophorus Baden-Baden 202028.1km site_ao
Martinique Liftable Dance Floor 201933.2km site_ao
Graf-Ulrich-Bau Slide 201926.7km site_ao
Fahrzeugmuseum Marxzell 201914.5km site_ao
This German Winery Lets You Sleep in Giant Barrels Overlooking the Vineyard 201934km site_ao
Powerline Eberdingen-Riet 201134.3km site_ao
Armschwinger 201123.2km site_ao
Anlage 212 201032.4km site_ao
“Shorty” Power Line 201030.4km site_ao
German Butcher’s Museum 201034.6km site_ao
Peter And Paul Fest 201133.9km site_ao
Kindergarten Wolfartsweier 201426.2km site_ao
Kloster Allerheiligen 201535.3km site_ao
Platanenkubus 201725.7km site_ao
St. Christophorus Motorway Church 197628.1km site_brutalism
Europa-Gymnasium 196840.1km site_brutalism
St. Antonius 197120.3km site_brutalism
St. Marien and Community Center, Gaggenau 196418.6km site_brutalism
Wilhelm Nusselt Lecture Hall (Wilhelm-Nusselt-Hörsaal) 30.6km site_brutalism
Town Hall 38.9km site_brutalism
St. Matthew Church (Matthäuskirche) 17.4km site_brutalism
Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, Retirement Home and Emergency Ambulance 31.4km site_brutalism
City Hall 195919.3km site_brutalism
The Irion House 40.5km site_brutalism
Maulbronn Monastery Complex 199333.9km site_whs

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