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Omori Shell Mound 202020.5kmsite_ao
Harukor 202014.9kmsite_ao
‘Growing Gardener’ 202018.8kmsite_ao
Tokyo Metropolitan Building Staff Cafeteria 202014.2kmsite_ao
Taira no Masakado’s Grave 202020.5kmsite_ao
Roppongi Hills Street Furniture 202018kmsite_ao
Heiwa no Chikai (Oath of Peace) 202020.2kmsite_ao
‘Antinous as Vertumnus’ 202019.9kmsite_ao
Chankonabe Shinzan 202016.9kmsite_ao
Mistral Bleu Train Bar 201918.2kmsite_ao
Museum of Package Culture 201918.9kmsite_ao
Koukokuji Buddhist Temple 201917.1kmsite_ao
E18 War Train 201913.3kmsite_ao
Hachikō’s Grave 201917.1kmsite_ao
A Japanese School Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright 201916.1kmsite_ao
Noumin Cafe 201912.1kmsite_ao
Little Peeing Monk of Tokyo 201920.4kmsite_ao
Omoide Yokocho 201914.8kmsite_ao
Replica of Duchamp’s ‘The Large Glass’ 201914kmsite_ao
Suga Shrine Staircase 201916.9kmsite_ao
Gorilla Building 201912.9kmsite_ao
8bit Cafe 201815.5kmsite_ao
Yurei Izakaya 20184.2kmsite_ao
Garden of Unborn Children 201819.5kmsite_ao
A Detective-Themed Bar Staffed By Actual Detectives 201816.7kmsite_ao
Alice on Wednesday 201715.4kmsite_ao
A Catholicism-Themed Restaurant in Japan 201715.4kmsite_ao
Inokashira Park Benzaiten Shrine 20183.8kmsite_ao
Gotokuji Temple 201611kmsite_ao
The Giant Ghibli Clock 201620.5kmsite_ao
Tokyo’s Kawaii Monster Cafe 201715.6kmsite_ao
A Walk Through Japan’s Historic Architecture 20173.7kmsite_ao
Ninja Restaurant in Tokyo 201718.3kmsite_ao
Tokyo’s Owl Police Box 201816.7kmsite_ao
Myth of Tomorrow 201815.4kmsite_ao
Kuwait Embassy 196619.2kmsite_brutalism
Setagaya Local History Museum 11.4kmsite_brutalism
Yomiuri Hall 20.6kmsite_brutalism
Inter-University Seminar House 16.6kmsite_brutalism
Setagaya Ward Office 195711.6kmsite_brutalism
Gakushuin University 195816kmsite_brutalism
National Theater 196418.8kmsite_brutalism
Sky House 195817.8kmsite_brutalism
Tower House 196616.2kmsite_brutalism
Picturing China’s Bamboo Chopstick Industry From the Sky 201919.7kmpost
Time Is Running Out for Tokyo’s Nakagin Capsule Tower 201914.1kmpost
The Giger Bar: Discover the 1980s Tokyo Bar Designed by H. R. Giger, the Same Artist Who Created the Nightmarish Monster in Ridley Scott’s Alien 201914.1kmpost
Portraits and Windows 201919.7kmpost

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