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Instituto del Patrimonio Cultural de España



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Salt Street Watchmaker 20203.7km site_ao
Love Art? Welcome to Madrid! en 4.7km site_izi
Lose yourself in the Madrid of the Austrians en 3.8km site_izi
Historic Madrid – Where Heaven Kisses Earth en 3.8km site_izi
Discover Madrid’s Other Museums – from Ancient Fossils to Decorative Arts to Ghost Trains en 3.8km site_izi
Urbirun Madrid – Highlights en fr 3.8km site_izi
Madrid city tour de en fr it 3.1km site_izi
The Well of the Miracle 20203.8km site_ao
Hermitage of Saint Pelagius and Saint Isidore 20205.1km site_ao
Altamira Cave Replica 20194.4km site_ao
Relics of St. Valentine at Iglesia de San Antón 20193.6km site_ao
Caja de las Letras 20194.1km site_ao
Convent of the Holy Spirit Crypts 20194.3km site_ao
Costitx Bulls 20194.3km site_ao
Tío Pepe Sign 20193.7km site_ao
Parque del Oeste Pillboxes 20190.9km site_ao
The Lady of Cerro de los Santos 20194.3km site_ao
Museo de América 20191.1km site_ao
The Bear and the Strawberry Tree 20193.8km site_ao
Madrid’s Walk of Fame 20182.6km site_ao
San Antonio de los Alemanes 20183.4km site_ao
Museo Lazaro Galdiano 20184.2km site_ao
The Lady of Elche 20184.3km site_ao
Spain’s Good Luck Frog 20184.1km site_ao
‘Witches’ Sabbath (The Great He-Goat)’ 20184.7km site_ao
An Archaeological Museum Inside a Madrid Subway Station 20183.4km site_ao
The Royal Quartet at the Palace of Madrid 20173.6km site_ao
The Tower of the Bones 20173.3km site_ao
A Morbid Forensics Museum Hidden in Madrid 20181km site_ao
Guanche Mummy of Madrid 20174.3km site_ao
Air Crash Angel 20173.5km site_ao
Caja Madrid Obelisk 20174.7km site_ao
Javier Puerta Museum of Anatomy 20161km site_ao
Muslim Walls of Madrid 20183.4km site_ao
Madrid’s Museum for the Blind 20173.3km site_ao
Viviendas Militares San Bernardo 19732.7km site_brutalism
Torre del Complejo Cuzco 4.3km site_brutalism
Facultad de Ciencias de la Información, Universidad Complutense de Madrid 0.7km site_brutalism
Apartment Building Calle Monte Esquinza 41 3.8km site_brutalism
Casa Carvajal 4.9km site_brutalism
Edificio Pirámide 3.9km site_brutalism
Facultad de Biológicas y Geológicas, Complutense University of Madrid 19641.1km site_brutalism

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