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Housing Complex Moll (Wohnanlage Moll)

Ackermann’s concept differs from the neighboring perimeter developments by removing the houses from the main street. By continuously offsetting multiple smaller exposed concrete volumes the four to eight story exposed concrete buildings create a dynamic overall image.




World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
Oktoberfest 2016 in Munich de en fr it ru 2.1km site_izi
Urbirun Munich – Highlights en fr 3.8km site_izi
Munich de en 4.4km site_izi
Westfriedhof Station 20194.6km site_ao
Munich’s Unusual Michael Jackson Memorial 20194.3km site_ao
Wunden der Erinnerung (Wounds of Memory), LMU Library 20195.2km site_ao
Pinakothek der Moderne Futuro House 20194.5km site_ao
Valentin Karlstadt Museum 20124.8km site_ao
The Relics of Munich Residenz 20164.8km site_ao
The Relics of Munich Residenz 20164.8km site_ao
Filmtheater Sendlinger Tor 20143.7km site_ao
Schönheitengalerie (Gallery of Beauties) 20133.4km site_ao
Kunstkammer Georg Laue 20114.8km site_ao
Der Teufelstritt (The Devil’s Footprint) 20104.3km site_ao
Deutsches Jagd und Fischereimuseum (German Museum of Hunting and Fishing) 20154.1km site_ao
Viscardigasse 20144.7km site_ao
Asamkirche 20133.9km site_ao
Rathaus-Glockenspiel 20104.4km site_ao
Jeweled Skeleton of Saint Munditia 20104.4km site_ao
Umschreibung 20161.7km site_ao
The Telescope That Discovered Neptune 20185.1km site_ao
Bruno the Bear 20183.6km site_ao
The Serpent Corner of Munich 20184.4km site_ao
St. Matthias 19645.1km site_brutalism
Jesuit Monastery, (Jesuitenkloster Ordenshaus “Stimmen der Zeit”) (today: Apartment Building) 3.1km site_brutalism

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