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Corsair´s Day de en es fr 235.6km site_izi
The Naval Museum of Santa Cruz de La Palma 2020235.6km site_ao
La Palma Island Museum 2020235.6km site_ao
Roque Cinchado 2019117.8km site_ao
Roque Idafe (Idafe Rock) 2019247km site_ao
Belmaco Cave 2019234.3km site_ao
The Interpretation Center of Rock Carvings Benehauno 2019246.9km site_ao
Museo Arqueológico Benahoarita (Archaeological Museum Benahoarita) 2019248.9km site_ao
Cueva de Las Palomas (Las Palomas Lava Tube) 2019245.7km site_ao
Los Cancajos Salt Factory 2019234.1km site_ao
‘Los Tios’ 2019234.2km site_ao
Roque de los Muchachos Helicopter Pads 2019250.1km site_ao
La Fajana Natural Pools 2019243.1km site_ao
The Tidal Waterspout of Los Cancajos 2019234km site_ao
The Millennial Dragon Tree 2019128.6km site_ao
Roque de los Muchachos 2019249.9km site_ao
Sunken Crosses of Malpique 2018239.8km site_ao
Lego Nordic Optical Telescope 2018235.2km site_ao
Stone Man of Pico de la Fuente Nueva 2018248.7km site_ao
The Black Beaches of La Palma 2018234.5km site_ao
Pajarito Water Tunnels 2018238.5km site_ao
Fuencaliente Saltworks 2018238.6km site_ao
The Colorful Balconies of Avenida Maritima 2018235.6km site_ao
Pirámide de Vandama 2018234.3km site_ao
The Green Lagoon of the Canary Islands 2017182.3km site_ao
Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Canarias 88.2km site_brutalism
IES la Laboral de la Laguna 93.9km site_brutalism
Risco Caido and the Sacred Mountains of Gran Canaria Cultural Landscape 201924.8km site_whs
San Cristóbal de La Laguna 199993.7km site_whs
Teide National Park 2007119.4km site_whs
Garajonay National Park 1986176.8km site_whs

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