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Designed as “single family houses on storeys” this cooperative project includes apartments of many sizes to allow for a diverse variety of resident types. Every apartment has its own garden-like terrace. (Special thanks to Alexander Kleinschrodt)




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Cologne de en 17.5km site_izi
Tour through Cologne en 17.5km site_izi
Cologne Central Mosque 202017km site_ao
Hambach Surface Mine 201920.7km site_ao
Papa Joe’s Biersalon Klimperkasten 202017.4km site_ao
Senfmuseum (Mustard Museum) 201916.9km site_ao
Listening to the Future 201916.5km site_ao
St. Petersglocke 201517.6km site_ao
Cologne’s Love Locks Bridge 201217.9km site_ao
Church of St. Ursula 200917.9km site_ao
Chandelier Hall of the Cologne Sewerage System 201718.6km site_ao
Germany’s Cherry Blossom Tunnels 201820.5km site_ao
Iron Man 201814.6km site_ao
Secret Grave in the Pylon of Severinsbrücke Bridge 201617.1km site_ao
Faculty of Pedagogy, University of Bonn 20km site_brutalism
Kindergarten St. Bonifazius 19.8km site_brutalism
Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium 14.2km site_brutalism
District City Hall Rodenkirchen 196615.3km site_brutalism
Auferstehungskirche 196520.3km site_brutalism
St. Maria Visitation (St. Mariä Heimsuchung) 196216.9km site_brutalism
St. Johannes der Täufer, Catholic University Hospital Church 195814.6km site_brutalism
Ungers Residence and Office Building 15.4km site_brutalism
Resurrection of Christ Church (Kirche Christi Auferstehung) 15.6km site_brutalism
Ebertplatz 197218.4km site_brutalism
Lecture Centre and Library, University of Cologne 15.1km site_brutalism
Johannes XXIII 196414.7km site_brutalism
Central Canteen, University of Cologne (Zentralmensa, Universität Köln) 196915.4km site_brutalism
St. Gertrud 18.3km site_brutalism
House for International Law, University of Cologne (Haus für Internationale Rechtsgebiete, Universität Köln) 15.7km site_brutalism
Cologne Cathedral 199617.5km site_whs
Castles of Augustusburg and Falkenlust at Brühl 19846.2km site_whs

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