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Designed as an experimental apartment complex with dynamic floor plans, the building ultimately failed in its execution. Insufficient insulation, problems with humidity and years of mismanagement led to today’s dilapidated state.




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Kunstgallerie Glas Haus (Art Gallery Glass House) 201919.9km site_ao
Slab for the Ruhr 201524.6km site_ao
Soul of Africa Museum 201532.7km site_ao
Xanten Archaeological Park 201241.3km site_ao
Tetrahedron in Bottrop 201425.1km site_ao
The World’s Biggest Pet Store 201631.7km site_ao
Zollverein 201327.5km site_ao
Gasometer Oberhausen 201329.2km site_ao
Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord 201433.3km site_ao
The Palatial Home of Prussia’s Eccentric ‘Cannon King’ 201736.4km site_ao
Fire and Rescue Station 10.4km site_brutalism
Schulzentrum Holtwicker Straße (today: Städtisches Gymnasium Nepomucenum) 25.6km site_brutalism
Volkshochschule 36km site_brutalism
Office Building (formerly West-LB Bank) 197537.6km site_brutalism
Karstadt Hauptverwaltung 35.5km site_brutalism
Melanchton Community Center and Church 196433.1km site_brutalism
Library, Ruhr Universität Bochum 35.4km site_brutalism
Mourning Hall, Central Cemetery Freigrafendamm 197232.3km site_brutalism
Museum Lehmbruck 38.9km site_brutalism
Ruhr University 35.4km site_brutalism
Christuskirche Bochum 195630.3km site_brutalism
Peace Church (Friedenskirche) 16.5km site_brutalism
St. Nicolai Church 38.3km site_brutalism
City Hall 19599.2km site_brutalism
Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex in Essen 200126.9km site_whs

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