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Berlin’s Techno music and clubs en 8.6km site_izi
Prinzessinnengarten 20199.3km site_ao
German-Russian Museum 20198.2km site_ao
Schöneberg Gasometer 20199.7km site_ao
Peristal Singum 20117.9km site_ao
Ballhaus Riviera 20147.9km site_ao
Das Schicksal Der (Fate of) Bravenleavanne 20138.3km site_ao
Berlin’s Shot Ball Tower 20168.4km site_ao
Puppentheater-Museum Berlin 20106km site_ao
Georg-von-Rauch-Haus 20149.2km site_ao
Fliegeberg 20169.6km site_ao
Tempelhof Airport 20098.4km site_ao
Hatch Sticker Museum 201410.1km site_ao
Badeschiff 20118km site_ao
Ramones Museum 20128.5km site_ao
Schwerbelastungskörper 20099.1km site_ao
Museum der Dinge 20158.9km site_ao
Burgermeister 20168.5km site_ao
Vestiges of the Berlin Wall 20128.9km site_ao
Stasi Museum 20149.9km site_ao
Liquidrom in Berlin, Germany 201610.2km site_ao
Spreepark 20116.5km site_ao
The Obscene Artwork on a Berlin Newspaper Building 201810.3km site_ao
Prussian National Monument for the Liberation Wars 20189km site_ao
Berlin’s Socialist Cemetery 201710.3km site_ao
Berlin’s Museum of Unheard of Things 201710km site_ao
Oberhafenkantine Berlin 20177.8km site_ao
Parking Garage 5km site_brutalism
Residential Complex 6.5km site_brutalism
Parking Garage and Apartment Complex Kirchbachstraße 1 & 2 10.4km site_brutalism
House of the Family (today: Family Center) 8.7km site_brutalism
Catholic Church Maria Frieden 19676.1km site_brutalism
Residential High-Rise Ideal 0.2km site_brutalism
St. Norbert 10.3km site_brutalism
Tempelhof City Hall (Extension) 19556.9km site_brutalism
St. Agnes (today: König Galerie) 9.4km site_brutalism
Central Animal Labs “Mouse Bunker”, Freie Universität Berlin (Zentrale Tierlaboratorien “Mäusebunker”) 10.3km site_brutalism
Institute for Hygene and Microbiology (today: Institute for Hygene and Environmental Medicine), Freie Universität Berlin 196610.3km site_brutalism
Berlin Modernism Housing Estates 20082.7km site_whs

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