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William Birch City of Philadelphia Walking Tour en 9.9kmsite_izi
Birth of a Nation: Exploring Philadelphia en 10.2kmsite_izi
Philadelphia’s Best Attractions en 9.3kmsite_izi
‘Celebration of Water’ Sculpture 20209.4kmsite_ao
Grave of Thomas Wiltberger Evans 20207kmsite_ao
Newkirk Viaduct Monument 20206kmsite_ao
Fiume 20197.1kmsite_ao
Gloria Dei Old Swedes’ Episcopal Church 20199.8kmsite_ao
Paul Robeson House 20197.1kmsite_ao
Thaddeus Kosciuszko National Memorial 201910kmsite_ao
First Bank of the United States 201910.3kmsite_ao
Mask and Wig Clubhouse 20199.2kmsite_ao
Philbert the Pig 20199.8kmsite_ao
Keith Haring’s Only Surviving In Situ Collaborative Public Mural 20197.4kmsite_ao
Penn Museum’s Collection of Ancient Tweezers 20197.6kmsite_ao
Dickens and Little Nell 20196.6kmsite_ao
Spruce Hill Bird Sanctuary 20197kmsite_ao
The ‘Dowager Empress’ Crystal Ball 20197.6kmsite_ao
A Four-Story Foucault Pendulum Swings in Philadelphia 20179.3kmsite_ao
The World’s Largest Single Organ Chamber 20179.5kmsite_ao
The Oldest Surviving Botanic Garden in the United States 20175kmsite_ao
Fort Mifflin 20183.6kmsite_ao
Philadelphia’s Fountain of the Three Rivers 20179.5kmsite_ao
Unmarked Grave of H.H. Holmes 20173.6kmsite_ao
International House 19687.8kmsite_brutalism
Richards Medical Research Laboratories, University of Pennsylvania 19577.3kmsite_brutalism



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