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Dartmouth Campus, University of Massachusetts

The complex interlocking frontage is very reminiscent of Rudolph’s design of that time for the Orange County Government Center.




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Providence: The Renaissance City en 40.3kmsite_izi
Downtown Providence: The Architectural and Religious History of Rhode Island’s Capitol en 40.2kmsite_izi
Fairhaven High School 20208.5kmsite_ao
Captain Joshua Slocum Monument 20208.2kmsite_ao
Providence Biltmore 202040.2kmsite_ao
Modern Diner 202041.4kmsite_ao
New Bedford Fire Museum 20196.6kmsite_ao
Haven Brothers Diner 202040.1kmsite_ao
Salty the Seahorse 201916.6kmsite_ao
Moonrise Kingdom Beach 201933.9kmsite_ao
Conanicut Island Lighthouse 201931kmsite_ao
Turk’s Head Building 201940kmsite_ao
The Brickyard 201935.5kmsite_ao
‘Seaflower’ 20196.5kmsite_ao
Aquinnah Cliffs 201934.3kmsite_ao
The ‘Superman Building’ 201940kmsite_ao
The White Horse Tavern 201829.8kmsite_ao
Gilbert Stuart Birthplace 201838.5kmsite_ao
Edna Lawrence Nature Lab 201840kmsite_ao
The Location of the First Gas Street Lamp 201830.2kmsite_ao
Hunter House 201830.3kmsite_ao
A Steam Train Is Hidden in This Greco-Roman Cherub Relief 201830.1kmsite_ao
Rose Island Lighthouse 201831.7kmsite_ao
A Memorial Sculpture to the Last Heath Hen Ever Seen 201740.4kmsite_ao
The Second Oldest Jewish Cemetery in the U.S. 201729.7kmsite_ao
Grave of Ida Lewis 201829.6kmsite_ao
Arthur Ashe’s Tennis Racket 201829.9kmsite_ao
Providence Athenaeum 201639.8kmsite_ao
Cornè House 201830kmsite_ao
America’s First Female Newspaper Editor 201829.6kmsite_ao
‘Untitled (Lamp/Bear)’ 201839.5kmsite_ao
John E. Fogarty Memorial Building 40.3kmsite_brutalism
Knight Campus, Rhode Island Junior College 40.6kmsite_brutalism
Fall River Government Center 14.7kmsite_brutalism

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