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City Hall

Böhm adds a concrete castle to the historic Bensberger castle. It even features a turret that houses the stairs and an elevator shaft. As in Neviges, the concrete is interpreted here as a rock and “second nature”. It is conceivable that the edifice also reveals an architect wrestling with the experience of the ruins left by the war.




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Cologne de en 14.7kmsite_izi
Tour through Cologne en 14.7kmsite_izi
Cologne Central Mosque 202016.6kmsite_ao
Papa Joe’s Biersalon Klimperkasten 202014.5kmsite_ao
Senfmuseum (Mustard Museum) 201914.5kmsite_ao
Listening to the Future 201915.9kmsite_ao
Bayer Cross 201013.8kmsite_ao
St. Petersglocke 201514.6kmsite_ao
Cologne’s Love Locks Bridge 201214.1kmsite_ao
Church of St. Ursula 200914.8kmsite_ao
Chandelier Hall of the Cologne Sewerage System 201714.1kmsite_ao
Secret Grave in the Pylon of Severinsbrücke Bridge 201614.1kmsite_ao
Bensberg Old Castle 20180kmsite_ao
Kindergarten St. Bonifazius 14.4kmsite_brutalism
District City Hall Rodenkirchen 196614.2kmsite_brutalism
Auferstehungskirche 196511kmsite_brutalism
Bethanien Children’s Village 19624.1kmsite_brutalism
St. Johannes der Täufer, Catholic University Hospital Church 195817.6kmsite_brutalism
Ungers Residence and Office Building 20.4kmsite_brutalism
Resurrection of Christ Church (Kirche Christi Auferstehung) 17.6kmsite_brutalism
Ebertplatz 197214.5kmsite_brutalism
Lecture Centre and Library, University of Cologne 17kmsite_brutalism
Johannes XXIII 196417kmsite_brutalism
Chorweiler Housing Estate 196519.1kmsite_brutalism
Central Canteen, University of Cologne (Zentralmensa, Universität Köln) 196916.7kmsite_brutalism
Job Center (JobBörse) 19.7kmsite_brutalism
St. Gertrud 14.9kmsite_brutalism
House for International Law, University of Cologne (Haus für Internationale Rechtsgebiete, Universität Köln) 17.1kmsite_brutalism
Realschule (Secondary School) (today: Max und Moritz Elementary School) 20kmsite_brutalism
Cologne Cathedral 199614.7kmsite_whs

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