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Casino (Kurhaus)

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myclimate Audio Adventure Basel – kids version de en 29km site_izi
myclimate Audio Adventure Basel – teenager version de en 29km site_izi
Basel tour of the old town 3 de en 27.8km site_izi
myclimate Audio Adventure Basel – adult version de en 29km site_izi
Basel tour of the old town 2 de en 27.8km site_izi
Basel tour of the old town de en 27.8km site_izi
Freiburg Bächle 202025.2km site_ao
Mooning Gargoyle of Freiburg Minster 202025.5km site_ao
Grave of Caroline Walter 201926.2km site_ao
Museum Tinguely 201927.4km site_ao
This Swiss Museum Is Stuffed with Antique Teddy Bears 201928.3km site_ao
Museum of Natural History and Ethnography 201937.9km site_ao
WaldMenschen Sculpture Trail 201922.8km site_ao
Knickebein #12 201920km site_ao
Hoosesagg Museum (Pants Pocket Museum) 201927.9km site_ao
Brewers’ and Bakers’ Guild Windows at Freiburg Minster 201925.5km site_ao
Holbein Horse 201223.8km site_ao
The Isenheim Altarpiece 201738.6km site_ao
The Cracking Buildings of Staufen 201710km site_ao
Haus der Stadtmusik 197420.7km site_brutalism
AOK Administrative Building 21.5km site_brutalism
Residential Building Bündnerstrasse 20 197028.1km site_brutalism
St. Jakobus 196934km site_brutalism
Company-owned Apartments, Cement Factory Kleinkrems 196817.2km site_brutalism
Chamber of Industry and Commerce (Industrie und Handelskammer) 196620.3km site_brutalism
Brunnmatt School 29.8km site_brutalism
Reformed Parish Church (Reformierte Pfarrkirche) 33.7km site_brutalism
St. Petrus Canisius 196726.6km site_brutalism
Realschule (Secondary School) 37.4km site_brutalism
St. Mark’s Church (Markuskirche) 196726km site_brutalism
St. Elisabeth (today: Apartment Building “Church-Chill”) 196327.6km site_brutalism
Goetheanum 35.4km site_brutalism
Ludwigskirche 26.3km site_brutalism
Geschäftshaus Volkswohl Bund Lebensversicherung 25.1km site_brutalism
Basel School of Design (Allgemeine Gewerbeschule und Schule für Gestaltung Basel) 27km site_brutalism
Antonius Church 27.5km site_brutalism
Vivarium Zoo Basel 29.1km site_brutalism

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