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Casa per Anziani




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Venice: Explore Forgotten Altino and its Sailing Traditions en it 37.2kmsite_izi
Venice: Explore Forgotten Giudecca and its Sailing Traditions en it 40.6kmsite_izi
Venice: Explore Forgotten Cannaregio and its Sailing Traditions en it 40kmsite_izi
Venice: Explore Forgotten Dorsoduro and its Sailing Traditions en it 40.7kmsite_izi
Waterways Explorer: The peaceful waters of the Sile en it 26kmsite_izi
Water Museum of Venice: Exploring castles, abbeys, thermal baths, and Venetian villas along ancient waterways of the Euganean Hills en it 39.8kmsite_izi
Conegliano, on the prosecco road among the magnificent Treviso hills en it 37.4kmsite_izi
Church of San Giacomo di Rialto 202041kmsite_ao
Ponte delle Tette 202040.7kmsite_ao
Praglia Abbey 202037.7kmsite_ao
Torre Bissara 202033kmsite_ao
Cittadella City Walls 202011.7kmsite_ao
Ponte degli Alpini 202018.6kmsite_ao
Tempio della Pace (Temple of Peace) 202029kmsite_ao
Castello degli Ezzelini 201918.6kmsite_ao
Asiago Astrophysical Observatory 201938kmsite_ao
Tipoteca 201919.3kmsite_ao
Cemetery of the Burci 201928.4kmsite_ao
La Specola Observatory 201930.6kmsite_ao
Asiago War Memorial 201938.8kmsite_ao
The Italian Statue With an Unfortunate Nickname 201941.1kmsite_ao
The Stone of Shame 201929.9kmsite_ao
‘Dragon Bones’ of Santa Maria e San Donato 201941kmsite_ao
The House That Kills 201841.3kmsite_ao
Padua Astronomical Clock 201829.9kmsite_ao
Capital Without Column 201829.9kmsite_ao
Where Venice’s Gondolas Go for a Tune-Up 201741kmsite_ao
The Pyramid Tomb of Antonio Canova 201840.6kmsite_ao
Fontana delle Tette 201824.5kmsite_ao
Italy’s Modernist Tomb, Built By a Visionary Architect 20178.7kmsite_ao
Scuola Grande di San Marco 201741.3kmsite_ao
The Giant Hands of Venice’s Grand Canal 201740.8kmsite_ao
The Famous Spiral Staircase Hidden in Venice 201841.2kmsite_ao
Peggy Guggenheim’s Grave 201641.3kmsite_ao
Tomb of Antenor 201830.1kmsite_ao
Parrocchia di San Lorenzo Giustiniani 30.5kmsite_brutalism
Boario Forum 196529.3kmsite_brutalism
Brion Cemetery (Tomba Brion) 8.7kmsite_brutalism
Palasport Giobatta Gianquinto 40.3kmsite_brutalism
Le Colline del Prosecco di Conegliano e Valdobbiadene 201938.6kmsite_whs



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