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Bethanien Children’s Village



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Cologne de en 11.2kmsite_izi
Tour through Cologne en 11.1kmsite_izi
Cologne Central Mosque 202013.1kmsite_ao
Papa Joe’s Biersalon Klimperkasten 202010.9kmsite_ao
Senfmuseum (Mustard Museum) 201910.8kmsite_ao
Listening to the Future 201912.2kmsite_ao
Bayer Cross 201012.4kmsite_ao
St. Petersglocke 201511kmsite_ao
Cologne’s Love Locks Bridge 201210.5kmsite_ao
Church of St. Ursula 200911.3kmsite_ao
Chandelier Hall of the Cologne Sewerage System 201710.7kmsite_ao
Secret Grave in the Pylon of Severinsbrücke Bridge 201610.3kmsite_ao
Bensberg Old Castle 20184.1kmsite_ao
Kindergarten St. Bonifazius 11.3kmsite_brutalism
Georg-Büchner-Gymnasium 19.4kmsite_brutalism
District City Hall Rodenkirchen 196610.1kmsite_brutalism
Auferstehungskirche 19657.5kmsite_brutalism
St. Johannes der Täufer, Catholic University Hospital Church 195813.8kmsite_brutalism
Ungers Residence and Office Building 16.9kmsite_brutalism
Resurrection of Christ Church (Kirche Christi Auferstehung) 14kmsite_brutalism
City Hall 19624.1kmsite_brutalism
Ebertplatz 197211.1kmsite_brutalism
Lecture Centre and Library, University of Cologne 13.3kmsite_brutalism
Johannes XXIII 196413.2kmsite_brutalism
Chorweiler Housing Estate 196517kmsite_brutalism
Central Canteen, University of Cologne (Zentralmensa, Universität Köln) 196912.9kmsite_brutalism
Job Center (JobBörse) 17.6kmsite_brutalism
St. Gertrud 11.5kmsite_brutalism
House for International Law, University of Cologne (Haus für Internationale Rechtsgebiete, Universität Köln) 13.5kmsite_brutalism
Realschule (Secondary School) (today: Max und Moritz Elementary School) 18kmsite_brutalism
Cologne Cathedral 199611.1kmsite_whs
Castles of Augustusburg and Falkenlust at Brühl 198419.6kmsite_whs

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