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Addition to San Francisco Art Institute



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San Francisco: The Heart of Downtown en 2km site_izi
San Francisco – City of Hills en 0.4km site_izi
California Road Trip: From San Francisco to Palm Springs with Tim Richards. Travelbook en 20132.5km site_izi
Urbirun San Francisco – Highlights en fr 0.9km site_izi
Chamber of Secrets Door 20200.2km site_ao
‘The Allegory of California’ 20202km site_ao
Emperor Norton Plaque 20192.4km site_ao
Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Company 20191.3km site_ao
Benkyodo 20192.3km site_ao
San Francisco Elk’s Lodge #3 20191.9km site_ao
Heineman Building 20192km site_ao
Poet’s Corner 20190.7km site_ao
California Historical Society Headquarters 20192.3km site_ao
The Mutilated Octopuses of California’s Admission Day Monument 20172.1km site_ao
Short Story Vending Machine 20171.3km site_ao
Tenderloin National Forest 20172.2km site_ao
Phelan Building 20162.2km site_ao
Magowan’s Infinite Mirror Maze 20160.9km site_ao
AIDS Interfaith Memorial Chapel 20171.4km site_ao
San Francisco’s ‘Two O’Clock Titty’ Church 20172.3km site_ao
The Last Standard Oil Company Gas Station in California 20171.7km site_ao
San Francisco’s Odd ‘Banker’s Heart’ Monument 20171.8km site_ao
The Whimsical Detail of Ruth Asawa’s San Francisco Fountain 20171.9km site_ao
Holiday Inn Chinatown (today: Hilton Hotel) 19681.5km site_brutalism

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