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Academy of Arts (Akademie der Künste)

The academy is a German example of the first, early period of Brutalism in the spirit of the Hunstanton School. Rather than exploring extravagant, sculptural shapes, the focus lies on stripped down aesthetics that unapologetically expose the building’s structure and materials.




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CITY SIGNS: An Audiovisual Project on East Berlin’s Changed Street Names en 2.5km site_izi
Berlin – out to Potsdam, the Olympic Stadium and much more. Travelbook en 20132.1km site_izi
Berlin Victory Column 20190.7km site_ao
The Frame Collector’s Museum 20112.4km site_ao
Where the Conspirators That Tried to Kill Hitler Met Their Deaths 20161.7km site_ao
Where the Conspirators That Tried to Kill Hitler Met Their Deaths 20161.7km site_ao
Bahnhof Berlin Zoologischer Garten 20091.7km site_ao
Mengenlehreuhr 20131.8km site_ao
Tieranatomisches Theater 20142.4km site_ao
Hansa Studios 20162.6km site_ao
Führerbunker Parking Lot 20152.5km site_ao
Berliner Medizinhistorisches Museum 20132km site_ao
Museum fur Naturkunde 20132.4km site_ao
Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe 20162.3km site_ao
The ‘Hand with Watch’ Sculpture 20180.5km site_ao
There Are Tiny Holocaust Memorials Hidden Around Europe 20172.1km site_ao
Museum of Rescued Letters 20180.2km site_ao
The Walls of the German Parliament Are Still Covered in Soviet Graffiti 20172km site_ao
Berlin’s Massive Carillon 20181.4km site_ao
Knut the Polar Bear: Berlin’s Beloved Taxidermy Bear 20172.4km site_ao
The Man Who Almost Killed Hitler 20172.6km site_ao
‘Stand By Me’ Tree 20171.2km site_ao
Youth Center (today: Haus Zille) 1.1km site_brutalism
Apartment Complex Uhlandstraße 2km site_brutalism
Parish Hall 12 Apostles 2.3km site_brutalism
Bürohaus An der Urania (today: Landeszentrale für politische Bildung) 1.9km site_brutalism
Department of architecture, Technische Universität Berlin 19621.8km site_brutalism

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