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23rd Precinct, NYC Police Department / Engine Company No. 53, Ladder Company No. 43, 4th Division, NYC Fire Department



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Gorilla Diorama 20192.4km site_ao
Stephen Wise Recreation Area 20202.2km site_ao
Indian Rhinoceros Diorama 20192.4km site_ao
Ancient Egyptian Beef Shoulder 20191.7km site_ao
Asiatic Leopard Diorama 20192.4km site_ao
African Elephants Diorama 20192.4km site_ao
Dvořák Room 20192.4km site_ao
Scavenger Taxidermy Diorama 20192.4km site_ao
Okapi Taxidermy Diorama 20192.4km site_ao
Libyan Desert Diorama 20192.4km site_ao
Sambar and Wild Dog Diorama 20192.4km site_ao
American Museum of Natural History Mountain Gorilla Diorama 20192.4km site_ao
Komodo Dragon Diorama 20192.4km site_ao
Hall of North American Mammals 20192.4km site_ao
Flying Carpet Over Isfahan 20192.4km site_ao
Rat Rock in Morningside Heights 20182.5km site_ao
This Upper East Side Co-Op Was a Tuberculosis Sanitarium 20172.2km site_ao
Cathedral Peacock Hutch 20172.1km site_ao
Where The Wild Things Heal 20172.1km site_ao
The ‘Seinfeld’ Diner 20172.4km site_ao
This Manhattan Diner Has Barely Changed Since 1948 20171.5km site_ao
The Welling Court Mural Project 20182.3km site_ao
The Marriage of Money and Real Estate 20172.4km site_ao
The ‘Holy Grail’ of the Met 20181.7km site_ao
The Creator of Madeline Painted the Walls of This Art Deco Piano Bar 20172.1km site_ao
Portrait of an Unidentified Woman 20182.5km site_ao
Astoria’s Irish Famine Cemetery 20182.5km site_ao
The French Embassy’s Beautiful New York City Bookstore 20172km site_ao
This Lavish Room Is a Rare Relic of New York’s Gilded Age 20182km site_ao
The Manhattan Eruv 20170.8km site_ao
Second Avenue Subway Art 20170.5km site_ao
The Ziegfeld Head 20171.8km site_ao
28th Precinct NYC Police Department 2.3km site_brutalism
Exodus House 0.3km site_brutalism
Whitney Museum of Art (today The Met Breuer) 2.3km site_brutalism
Wonderful Photos of Postwar New York City in 1946 20192.1km   post
The Streets of New York City – 1977-1978 20191.7km   post
On The Streets of New York City – 1977-1978 20191.1km   post

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