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“Kredka” and “O?ówek” Student Dormitories, Wroc?aw University 19800km site_brutalism
“Youth” Sport Palace 19650km site_brutalism
10 Murray Street 19660km site_brutalism
20th Century Building on South Hill Park, NW3 0km site_brutalism
23rd Precinct, NYC Police Department / Engine Company No. 53, Ladder Company No. 43, 4th Division, NYC Fire Department 0km site_brutalism
269 Leigham Court Road 19680km site_brutalism
28th Precinct NYC Police Department 0km site_brutalism
68th Precinct, NYC Police Department 0km site_brutalism
8 Tower 19670km site_brutalism
Academy of Arts (Akademie der Künste) 19580km site_brutalism
Acland Burghley School 19630km site_brutalism
Adam Smith Building, University of Glasgow 0km site_brutalism
Addition to San Francisco Art Institute 19690km site_brutalism
Addition to the Slovak National Gallery 19640km site_brutalism
Administrative Centre (AC) Groenplein 0km site_brutalism
Administrative Palace, Satu Mare 19720km site_brutalism
Adoration Church (Anbetungskirche) 19600km site_brutalism
AfE Tower, Goethe University of Frankfurt 19700km site_brutalism
Agios Nikolaos Passenger Station “Pagoda” 0km site_brutalism
AGT Elbow Park South Exchange 0km site_brutalism