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Yamchun Fort

Located between the modern-day border between Tajikistan and Afghanistan, at elevations ranging from 9,964 feet (3,037 meters) in Ishkashim to 16,152 feet (4,923 meters) at the Wakhjir Pass, the remote and barren Wakhan Valley was once a thriving corridor along the Silk Road. Ruins of caravanserais, stupas, forts, towers, and palaces littering the whole valley testify to a glorious past. 

Traders from near and far have been plying the Silk Road for millennia. This flurry of activities did not escape the keen eye of the Kushan Empire, which realized that traders needed safe passage to transport their goods, which they could guarantee in exchange for levies. A large number of fortresses were built with the dual purpose of protecting traders from raiders and protecting the empire from neighboring peoples. 


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