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This particular sculpture is the most complete image of the Aztec god Xochipilli. It portrays him seated cross-legged upon a throne in a blissful state of intoxicated enrapture. The figure’s face has an uncanny resemblance to Iggy Pop or Keith Richards, while his pose suggests an old rocker performing yoga in his luxury mansion after a lifetime of hedonism.

It’s a fitting comparison, as Xochipilli (meaning “Prince of Flowers” in Nahuatl) was a god associated with pleasure, flowers, sexuality, and the arts of poetry, painting, writing, and song. As one of the fertility gods, he was a deity linked with agriculture and the cultivation of staple crops such as maize. Many archeologists believe he was first worshipped during the years of the Teotihuacan civilization, but was later adopted by the Aztecs.


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