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World’s Largest Cherry Pie Tin

Traverse City, Michigan, often calls itself “The Cherry Capital of the World.” On July 25, 1987, Chef Pierre Bakeries celebrated that status with a cherry pie weighing 28,350 pounds and stretching 17 feet, 6 inches in diameter. While the pie was devoured decades ago, the tin still stands to the side of Cass Road in Traverse City.

The pie tin for the record-setting pie was 18 feet wide and 26 inches deep. It was built by the Jacklin Steel Supply Company of Traverse City. Hundreds of volunteers helped the bakery employees assemble, cook, and serve the pie. When the big day to make the pie arrived, people lined up to help pass down 510 buckets of cherry pie filling to the waiting tin. The pie then received a top crust. When it was finished, a tube sucked out the filling from the pan’s bottom and squirted it into small cups. Pastry crumbs adorned the top of each serving, and the pie fed an estimated 35,000 spectators.


About the source: Atlas Obscura

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