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Whole Wall Mural

At 140 feet long, the Whole Wall Mural in Concordia, Kansas, is the longest sculpted brick mural in the United States. The three-dimensional mural covers the entire east wall of the Cloud County Museum Annex and Concordia Travel Information Center/Cloud County Tourism office. It’s the product of a community project, with all 6,400 bricks donated, flash-fired, and transported by local brick plant Cloud Ceramics.

The mural depicts the history of Cloud County. It includes a train, plane, windmill, wheat, sunflowers- the Kansas State flower- and lots of people who are important to the area’s history. Visitors can learn more about the significance of all the mural’s details in the Cloud County Museum. It also features “easter eggs” such as a lady bug and mouse which provide fun for all to hunt down in the intricate piece of art. 






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