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The Hydrangea Train

The picturesque Hakone Tozan Railway becomes an international sensation from mid-June through July, when thousands of spectacular hydrangea plants bloom along the tracks.

The Hakone Tozan Railway is a functioning train route offering transportation between Odawara and Gōra stations, while a 10-minute cable car extends the journey from Gōra up to Sōunzan Station by another 1.2 kilometers.



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Taira no Masakado’s Grave 202072.6kmsite_ao
The Site of Yatate Hajime 202078.8kmsite_ao
Kawaramachi Housing Complex 202058kmsite_ao
Tsuki Shrine 202079.7kmsite_ao
Site of Suzugamori Execution Grounds 202064.3kmsite_ao
Haneda Ōtorii 202065.1kmsite_ao
Jisshi Park 202073.9kmsite_ao
Bashamichi Station Concourse 202048.5kmsite_ao
Roppongi Hills Street Furniture 202068.4kmsite_ao
War-Damaged Utility Pole Monument 202075.4kmsite_ao
Harakiri Yagura 202037.5kmsite_ao
Sixteen Wells 202036.3kmsite_ao
Chichibu Chinsekikan (Hall of Curious Rocks) 202080.1kmsite_ao
Heiwa no Chikai (Oath of Peace) 202065kmsite_ao
Mikasa Memorial Warship 202047.5kmsite_ao
‘Antinous as Vertumnus’ 202070.2kmsite_ao
Hakubutsukan-Dōbutsuen Station 202075.6kmsite_ao
Obake Kaidan 202074.8kmsite_ao
Old Iwabuchi Watergate 202078.2kmsite_ao
‘Coicorin’ 202071.6kmsite_ao
Giant Straw Sandals of Senso-ji Temple 202076.8kmsite_ao
Benten-dō Temple 202075kmsite_ao
Ueno Daibutsu 202075.2kmsite_ao
‘Fugetsu En’nen’ 202075.1kmsite_ao
Lord Kira’s Residence 202075.2kmsite_ao
The Asahi Flame 202076.8kmsite_ao
‘The Gate of Dynamism’ 202078.3kmsite_ao
Nihonbashi Kirin Statues 202073.2kmsite_ao
Origin of Ginza Monument 202071.9kmsite_ao
Oiteke Bori 202076.8kmsite_ao
‘Magokoro Tennyo’ (‘Goddess of Sincerity’) 202073.2kmsite_ao
Kameido Zeniza Monument 202077.4kmsite_ao
Jinnai Shrine 202075.1kmsite_ao
Kototoi Bridge 202077.3kmsite_ao
Tobacco & Salt Museum 202077.1kmsite_ao
Chankonabe Shinzan 202070kmsite_ao
Tateishi-sama 201982.7kmsite_ao
Mistral Bleu Train Bar 201968.8kmsite_ao
Museum of Package Culture 201965.8kmsite_ao
Kiha 201973.7kmsite_ao
Koukokuji Buddhist Temple 201970.9kmsite_ao
Tower of Wind 201966.8kmsite_ao
E18 War Train 201970.3kmsite_ao
Hachikō’s Grave 201968.4kmsite_ao
Daizenji ‘Grape Temple’ 201957.3kmsite_ao
A Japanese School Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright 201971.9kmsite_ao
Noumin Cafe 201964.2kmsite_ao
Kojo 201975.5kmsite_ao
Ekibenya Matsuri 201972.6kmsite_ao
Little Peeing Monk of Tokyo 201969.9kmsite_ao
Omoide Yokocho 201968.7kmsite_ao
Yoshiya Nobuko Memorial Museum 201935.7kmsite_ao
Yakuo-in Temple 201941.1kmsite_ao
Replica of Duchamp’s ‘The Large Glass’ 201965.3kmsite_ao
This Japanese Cafe Is Crawling With Barbies 201947.5kmsite_ao
An Amazing Kite Museum, Hidden Above a Tokyo Restaurant 201973.1kmsite_ao
Suga Shrine Staircase 201969.7kmsite_ao
Gorilla Building 201963.3kmsite_ao
8bit Cafe 201869kmsite_ao
Kawazu Nanadaru Loop Bridge 201856kmsite_ao
Yurei Izakaya 201862.1kmsite_ao
Garden of Unborn Children 201869.4kmsite_ao
A Japanese Elementary School Lunch Themed Restaurant 201775.4kmsite_ao
Shitamachi Museum 201874.9kmsite_ao
Ice Cave in the Suicide Forest 201749.8kmsite_ao
The Final Resting Place of Japan’s Last Shogun 201875.9kmsite_ao
A Detective-Themed Bar Staffed By Actual Detectives 201872.7kmsite_ao
Alice on Wednesday 201767.1kmsite_ao
A Catholicism-Themed Restaurant in Japan 201769.2kmsite_ao
Inokashira Park Benzaiten Shrine 201861.7kmsite_ao
Gotokuji Temple 201661.9kmsite_ao
Tokyo’s Last Rooftop Ferris Wheel 201860.8kmsite_ao
The Soineya Cuddle Cafe in Tokyo 201774.3kmsite_ao
The Giant Ghibli Clock 201670.8kmsite_ao
Tokyo’s Kawaii Monster Cafe 201767.4kmsite_ao
A Walk Through Japan’s Historic Architecture 201759.8kmsite_ao
Intermediatheque 201872.2kmsite_ao
Kawazu Sakura Festival 201859.4kmsite_ao
Ninja Restaurant in Tokyo 201770.1kmsite_ao
Tokyo’s Owl Police Box 201872.5kmsite_ao
Tokyo’s Akihabara Electric Town 201773.9kmsite_ao
A Strange Playground in Tokyo Made Entirely of Tires 201760kmsite_ao
Myth of Tomorrow 201866.3kmsite_ao
Kuwait Embassy 196668.1kmsite_brutalism
Setagaya Local History Museum 61.4kmsite_brutalism
Harumi Apartment Buildings 195771.8kmsite_brutalism
Yomiuri Hall 71.7kmsite_brutalism
Dr. Minezaki House (Dragon Fort) 29.5kmsite_brutalism
Inter-University Seminar House 45kmsite_brutalism
Setagaya Ward Office 195762.1kmsite_brutalism
Gakushuin University 195871.4kmsite_brutalism
National Theater 196470.8kmsite_brutalism
Sky House 195872.5kmsite_brutalism
Japan Lutheran Theological College 58.5kmsite_brutalism
Metropolitan Festival Hall 195775.4kmsite_brutalism
Yamanashi Press and Broadcasting Center (today: Yamanashi Cultural Center) 196169.2kmsite_brutalism
Tower House 196668kmsite_brutalism
Kanagawa Prefectural Youth Center 47.7kmsite_brutalism
Fujisan, sacred place and source of artistic inspiration 201340kmsite_whs
Picturing China’s Bamboo Chopstick Industry From the Sky 201971.8kmpost
Time Is Running Out for Tokyo’s Nakagin Capsule Tower 201968kmpost
The Giger Bar: Discover the 1980s Tokyo Bar Designed by H. R. Giger, the Same Artist Who Created the Nightmarish Monster in Ridley Scott’s Alien 201968kmpost
Portraits and Windows 201971.8kmpost

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