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‘The History of World Commerce’

Above the entirety of the World Trade Center concourse in downtown Los Angeles is Tony Sheets’s impressive “The History of World Commerce” bas-relief.  Intended to depict the whole of humanity’s exploits in industry and economy, the 1,000-foot-long artwork stretches through thousands of years of history. Encompassing a vast number of cultures and moments throughout time, it is filled with details both easily recognizable and obscure. If you stand on the northernmost side (closest to Third Street), you can even spot the Bonaventure Hotel itself in the work.

Active since 1972, Sheets is a noted designer, painter, and sculptor, with several works in the downtown area alone.  He’s also the son of famed artist and designer Millard Sheets, known for his vibrant Home Savings and Loan bank buildings often adorned with eye-catching mosaics and sculptures.


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