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Atlas Obscura Ruins of Loropéni

These stone walls have stood for at least 1,000 years, towering above an otherwise flat territory. As of yet, the ruins have revealed little about their past, as much of the archaeological site has yet to be excavated.

The walls that stretched around the 119,800-square-foot site once guarded a fortress. It’s believed the fort was used by the Lohron or Koulango peoples, who were part of the powerful trans-Saharan gold trade.

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World Heritage Site 2009
Ruins of Loropéni

The 11,130m2 property, the first to be inscribed in the country, with its imposing stone walls is the best preserved of ten fortresses in the Lobi area and is part of a larger group of 100 stone enclosures that bear testimony to the power of the trans-S…