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Rabbit Islet Has No Rabbits

The island of Lampedusa is Italy’s southernmost piece of land—it’s so far south of mainland Europe that it’s geologically a part of Africa. Just off its shore, there is a small islet called Isola dei Conigli (Rabbit Islet) with a rather misleading name.

Rabbit Islet is actually not always an island, and sometimes a small isthmus of sand connects it to Lampedusa. Because of this peculiar feature, the island was called Rabit Islet in an 1824 nautical map, referring to the Arabic term rabit, meaning “link” or “connection.” In later maps, this name was thought to be a spelling mistake and “rabit” became “rabbit.”



World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
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Catania – The black city en 316.4kmsite_izi
9. Holy Week Places: “Devotion and tradition” en it 257.9kmsite_izi
6. Naturalistic Itinerary “Natural areas and mining landscapes” en it 257.9kmsite_izi
1. Ethno-anthropological Itinerary “Land and wheat” en it 257.9kmsite_izi
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The Volcanoes in Sicily: Etna, Vulcano and Stromboli en it 330.8kmsite_izi
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7. Literary Itinerary: “Little Athens and its literary places” en it 257.9kmsite_izi
5. Culinary Itinerary “The Land and its tastes” en it 257.9kmsite_izi
2. Artistic and Historical Itinerary: “Nobles and Courts of Caltanissetta and Sommatino” en it 258kmsite_izi
Medieval Itinerary: “Churches in Caltanissetta’s Countryside” en it 260kmsite_izi
3. Mining itinerary: “Ciaula discovers the Moon” en it 257.4kmsite_izi
Caltanissetta: General Itinerary en it 257.4kmsite_izi
4. Archaeological Itinerary: “Indigenous settlements” en it 260.1kmsite_izi
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When We Travel Again: 5 Things To Do In Malta 2020175.6kmpost
Dar El Annabi 2020249.5kmsite_ao
Bethlehem in Ghajnsielem 2020166.5kmsite_ao
‘Porta d’Europa’ (‘Gateway to Europe’) 20204.7kmsite_ao
Arch of Marcus Aurelius 2019295.8kmsite_ao
Ġgantija Temples 2019165.4kmsite_ao
Monument to Mohamed Bouazizi 2019283.8kmsite_ao
Tunis Medina 2019257.4kmsite_ao
Hotel du Lac 2019256.7kmsite_ao
El Jem Amphitheatre 2019169.5kmsite_ao
Lajos Tüköry Memorial Plaque 2019297.2kmsite_ao
On a Small Italian Island, Ancient Walled Gardens Turn Fog Into Food 2019151.8kmsite_ao
The Skeleton Floor of St. John’s Co-Cathedral 2019181.6kmsite_ao
Il-Barri Air Raid Shelter 2019169.2kmsite_ao
The Martorana 2018298.3kmsite_ao
Il-Maqluba Sinkhole 2018175.2kmsite_ao
A Megalithic Temple Right on the Grounds of a Maltese Resort 2017175kmsite_ao
Elephant Fountain 2018316.4kmsite_ao
Chiesa di San Filippo Apostolo 2018299.8kmsite_ao
The Executioner’s House in Malta 2017182.3kmsite_ao
Santa Maria dello Spasimo 2018298.5kmsite_ao
Malta’s Lesser-Known Catacombs 2017173.7kmsite_ao
Abandoned Galleria delle Vittorie in Sicily 2017298.4kmsite_ao
St. Cataldus Catacombs 2017171.2kmsite_ao
The Graffiti of the Spanish Inquisition 2017298.8kmsite_ao
The Secret Underground Tunnels of Malta 2018182.2kmsite_ao
A Medieval Wash House, Built Over A Storied River 2017309.8kmsite_ao
An Eclectic Seaside Village for Ducks 2018180.4kmsite_ao
Arabic Inscription of Palermo Cathedral 2018298.1kmsite_ao
A Secret Tunnel of Bones in One of Malta’s Oldest Churches 2017182.8kmsite_ao
Phoenician Walls of Erice 2018281kmsite_ao
San Giovanni degli Eremiti 2018297.6kmsite_ao
The Inland Sea 2018159.2kmsite_ao
At This Italian Theater, The Scenery Steals the Show 2017249.9kmsite_ao
The Ancient Temple of Segesta 2018271.4kmsite_ao
Rotunda of Mosta 2017174.4kmsite_ao
A Rare Neo-Gothic House Stands Out in the Middle of Mdina 2017171.8kmsite_ao
An Ancient Tophet at Carthage 2017249.3kmsite_ao
Matmata Underground Houses 2018322.8kmsite_ao
The Prison Deep Beneath Malta’s Fort Saint Angelo 2017181.9kmsite_ao
Prehistoric Tombs and Cave Dwellings in Malta 2017170.1kmsite_ao
Beautiful 1st Century Mosaics at Malta’s Domvs Romana 2017171.5kmsite_ao
The Triumphal Arch of Palermo 2018297.8kmsite_ao
Law Court 317.7kmsite_brutalism
Banca d’Italia 317.1kmsite_brutalism
Town Hall 1969257.1kmsite_brutalism
Hôtel du Lac 1970256.7kmsite_brutalism
Santuario della Madonna delle Lacrime 1957299.9kmsite_brutalism
Arab-Norman Palermo and the Cathedral Churches of Cefalú and Monreale 2015297.6kmsite_whs
Kairouan 1988222.7kmsite_whs
Medina of Tunis 1979259.2kmsite_whs
Medina of Sousse 1988177kmsite_whs
Archaeological Site of Carthage 1979250kmsite_whs
Punic Town of Kerkuane and its Necropolis 1985206.4kmsite_whs
Dougga / Thugga 1997317.1kmsite_whs
Amphitheatre of El Jem 1979169.5kmsite_whs
Ichkeul National Park 1980317kmsite_whs
Megalithic Temples of Malta 1980165.5kmsite_whs
City of Valletta 1980181.9kmsite_whs
Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum 1980180.5kmsite_whs
Archaeological Site of Sabratha 1982300.9kmsite_whs
Mount Etna 2013331.1kmsite_whs
Late Baroque Towns of the Val di Noto (South-Eastern Sicily) 2002272.7kmsite_whs
Syracuse and the Rocky Necropolis of Pantalica 2005299.5kmsite_whs
Villa Romana del Casale 1997260.3kmsite_whs
Archaeological Area of Agrigento 1997218.4kmsite_whs
Behold Sicily’s Mount Etna — its volcanic summit is the world’s only decipoint 2020330.5kmpost
The Implicit Threat of Being Designated a World Heritage Site 2019250kmpost
My Sea 2019177.7kmpost
Ship in Which Hundreds of Migrants Died Will Be Shown at the Venice Biennale 2019306.3kmpost
The mystery of Star Wars and Tunisia’s rundown Brutalist hotel 2019259.4kmpost
Malta, Valletta: A European Capital of Culture brand gives this Mediterranean city new energy 2019181.9kmpost

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