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Atlas Obscura Prírodná Galéria Šrot Park (Scrap Park Nature Gallery)

Scrap Park is a unique outdoor gallery located in city woods near Devínska Nová Ves, a borough of Bratislava. In this open-air gallery designed by artist Branislav Pokorný, you can admire figures of life-size animals or fairy-tale creatures. All of them are made from old scrap metal, nuts, screws, valves, and more.

Pokorný started creating these scrap sculptures for his own pleasure. Many of them are animals native to Slovakia, but some are more exotic even fantastical. The park opened in November 2019, and Pokorný is constantly expanding the gallery. You can see an eagle landing in a nest made of waste wood, a coachman riding his horse, a wolf chasing a hare, or a badger with an inconspicuously dug hole. 

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Atlas Obscura 2022
Bratislava Old Town Hall’s Cannonball

Discover Bratislava Old Town Hall's Cannonball in Bratislava, Slovakia: Launched by Napoleon's soldiers more than 200 years ago, a cannonball remains embedded in the tower wall.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Bratislava’s Hidden Bunkers

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Rusovce Mansion

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Fountain of Union

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Church of St. Elizabeth

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Discover Slavín in Bratislava, Slovakia: Thousands of slain Soviet soldiers are buried within the shadow of this enormous obelisk.

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Audio Guide
Bratislava City Tour
Atlas Obscura 2022
Skater Girls Mailbox

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Brutalism 1964
Addition to the Slovak National Gallery
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Radio and Television Slovakia

Discover Radio and Television Slovakia in Bratislava, Slovakia: The inverted pyramid design of this station stands out amid Bratislava's urban landscape.

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Devinska Kobyla Missile Base

Discover Devinska Kobyla Missile Base in Bratislava, Slovakia: A relic of the Cold War tucked away in the forested hills above Bratislava.

Audio Guide
Audio Guide
Petrzalka – Bratislava. Transformation of post-socialist landscape
World Heritage Site 2021
Frontiers of the Roman Empire – The Danube Limes (Western Segment)

It covers almost 600km of the whole Roman Empire’s Danube frontier. The property formed part of the much large frontier of the Roman Empire that encircled the Mediterranean Sea. The Danube Limes (Western Segment) reflects the specificities of this par…

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Biatec Monument

Discover Biatec Monument in Bratislava, Slovakia: A massive sculpture of an obscure Celtic coin that has become a symbol in Slovakia.