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Palace of the Inquisition

Built early in the history of the Mexican colony, in 1566, this palace was the headquarters of the Spanish Inquisition in what was then called New Spain. The Baroque building that stands today was built on the foundations of the original site in the early 18th century, but it is, of course, its sinister history that is the real attraction here. Indeed a visit to the historic center of Mexico City would be incomplete without having glimpsed this infamous edifice that once spread a reign of terror throughout the country.   

Here, the “enemies” of the Christian faith were brought through the imposing doors to be imprisoned and tortured. They were often sentenced to death by being hung, drawn, and quartered or burned at the stake. The jail of the palace was known as “Of Perpetuity” to the inhabitants of Mexico City, because very few of those who were imprisoned within its walls left the building alive.


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