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Museum Boerhaave

Baby arms in jars, skeleton dioramas, and displays of medical devices draw the morbidly fascinated to Museum Boerhaave in Leiden, Netherlands. Walking through the exhibits halls filled with artifacts from the anatomical, medical, and scientific history of the Netherlands, visitors are reminded that they are mere mortals - literally. Latin phrases meant to inspire contemplation of one’s own mortality are held up by a series of articulated skeletons:

We are but dust and shadow.



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Rijnlandse Roede (The Rhenish Rod) 20180.3kmsite_ao
De Leidse Zeemijn (Leiden’s Naval Mine) 20200.6kmsite_ao
WW2: Resistance in Leiden en nl 0.4kmsite_izi
OWL citywalk 2019 en 0.6kmsite_izi
Leiden OWL 2017 en 0.4kmsite_izi
Explore Leiden! en 0.7kmsite_izi
Ehrenfesthuis (Ehrenfest House) 20201.2kmsite_ao
Einstein’s Chair 20200.8kmsite_ao
Burcht van Leiden 20190.4kmsite_ao
Museum Depot 20190.7kmsite_ao
Graveyard Groenesteeg 20191.1kmsite_ao
Willebrord Snellius’ Grave 20160.4kmsite_ao
Leiden Gunpowder Disaster Memorial 20150.6kmsite_ao
The Old Leiden Belltower 20150.3kmsite_ao
The Old Leiden Belltower 20150.3kmsite_ao
Hooglandse Kerk Clock 20160.5kmsite_ao
Greccio Museum of Devotional Items 20120.1kmsite_ao
Gebouw Leidsch Dagblad Elephant Drainpipe 20150.6kmsite_ao
Masonic Temple Loge La Vertu 20160.7kmsite_ao
Leiden Stones 20150.3kmsite_ao
The Wall Poems of Leiden 20130.6kmsite_ao
Leiden Observatory 20150.8kmsite_ao
The Hidden Eschers of Leiden 20150.4kmsite_ao
The Hidden Eschers of Leiden 20150.4kmsite_ao
Hortus Botanicus Leiden 20130.7kmsite_ao
Kamerlingh Onnes Laboratory Plaque 20190.6kmsite_ao
Leiden’s Monumental Urinal 20190.8kmsite_ao
Gravensteen’s Whipping Pole 20190.4kmsite_ao
Bakkerssteeg Street Sign 20190.6kmsite_ao
Leiden’s Floating Christmas Market 20180.5kmsite_ao
Victoria Amazonica 20180.6kmsite_ao
The Rhenish Rod 20180.3kmsite_ao
Where Science Meets Wall Art 20170kmsite_ao
Where the Heineken Star Came From 20170.2kmsite_ao
Temple of Taffeh 20180.4kmsite_ao
Zweetkamertje (Sweat Room) 20160.5kmsite_ao
Hidden Basement in Smit 20180.2kmsite_ao
Bibliotheca Thysiana 20180.4kmsite_ao
Societeit Minerva 0.2kmsite_brutalism

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