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Mos Espa

Sitting in the sands that separate two salt lakes, the enormous Chott El Djerid and smaller Chott El Gharsa, Mos Espa is an abandoned film set created as the location of a remote spaceport in a galaxy far, far away. The surreal setting and dramatic otherworldly structures make Mos Espa a “must-see” if you’re a Star Wars fan. However, it’s a great visit even if you’re not a fan of the films.

Being one of Star Wars’s major spaceports, Mos Epsa is shown in the movies as a town bustling with the daily life of different aliens from around the galaxy. Home to hero Anakin Skywalker from Episodes I, II, and III, we are told the location is on a remote planet known as Tatooine—named after the very real nearby Tunisian town, Tataouine. Here, Anakin and his mother live as slaves, and the foundations for all the vast storylines of the older Star Wars movies are laid.





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