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Millicent Milroy Memorial

Nestled among the multifold memorials of Mount View Cemetery in historic Galt, now part of Cambridge in southern Ontario, the tombstone of Millicent Milroy stands out. It’s not for its imposing size or defining black granite construction. Rather, it is because Milroy was the onetime partner of Edward Albert Christian George Andrew Patrick David, more commonly known as King Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor. Or so she claimed.

The epitaph on her grave reads, “Millicent A.M.M.M. P. St. Daughter of James and Helen Jane Milroy 1890- wife of Edward (VIII) Duke of Windsor 1894-1972.” An inscription Millicent herself had added to the tombstone. Those oddly abbreviated letters after her first name? They stand for “Agnes Mary Maureen Marguerite, Princess of the Royal House of Stuart,” a royal title Millicent held as a result of her father having been Prince James of Scotland.


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