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Mexico’s First Public Cable Car Soars Over Mexico City

In Ecatepec de Morelos, Mexico City’s roughest and most populated suburb, most residents travel to work in the inner city. Navigating the notoriously congested traffic on the main road through the favela-like neighborhood takes at least an hour. But now there’s another option. Today, nearly 30,000 commuters every day soar above the rooftops of the one of the busiest areas of Mexico.

In 2016 Mexico launched its first public cable car service, the Mexicable, a suspended urban gondola. As you swiftly drift in one of the Mexicable’s colorful cabins (which can hold around 10 people each) a 3-mile journey through the ropeway’s seven stations can take as little 17 minutes and costs just 6 pesos, around 30 cents.



World Heritage Sites Brutalisms Atlas Obscuras Audio Guides News
Memorial 68 202013kmsite_ao
Mexico City National Cemetery 202015.6kmsite_ao
Museum of Tepexpan 202014.3kmsite_ao
Museo del Calzado (Footwear Museum) 202014.5kmsite_ao
Tomb of Hernán Cortés 202014.6kmsite_ao
‘Guerrero Chimalli’ 202016.2kmsite_ao
Temple Ehécatl 202013.1kmsite_ao
‘El Baile de los 41’ (‘Dance of the 41’) Memorial Plaque 201914.7kmsite_ao
Salón de Cabildos (City Hall) 201914.4kmsite_ao
Rooftop Terrace at Museo del Estanquillo 201914.4kmsite_ao
Chapultepec Butterfly Garden 201918.8kmsite_ao
Pyramids of Tenayuca 201911.5kmsite_ao
Cocodrilo de Leonora Carrington 201916.4kmsite_ao
Plaza Santos Degollado 201914.8kmsite_ao
Museo Universitario del Chopo (Chopo University Museum) 201914.9kmsite_ao
Dualidad Mural 201818.4kmsite_ao
Museo Casa de Carranza 201916.3kmsite_ao
Ottoman Clock 201914.6kmsite_ao
‘El Vochol’ 201914.9kmsite_ao
Taquería Los Cocuyos 201914.8kmsite_ao
The Animals of Parque España 201918.2kmsite_ao
Helu’s Productos Árabes 201914.7kmsite_ao
Metro Auditorio 201918.9kmsite_ao
‘Asia in Ivory’ 201918.8kmsite_ao
Temple of Santiago Tlatelolco’s Stones 201912.8kmsite_ao
Moctezuma’s Treasure 201918.5kmsite_ao
The Courtyard of the Franz Mayer Museum 201914.5kmsite_ao
El Vilsito 201920kmsite_ao
The Franz Mayer Museum’s Silver Collection 201914.4kmsite_ao
Casa de la Memoria Indómita (House of Indomitable Memory) 201914.8kmsite_ao
The Secrets of Mexico City’s Secretariat of Public Education Murals 201913.8kmsite_ao
Proyecto Público Prim (Public Project Prim) 201915.7kmsite_ao
José Luis Cuevas Museum 201913.9kmsite_ao
Museo Guadalupano (Virgin of Guadalupe Museum) 20198.6kmsite_ao
Museo de Geología (Museum of the Institute of Geology) 201914.4kmsite_ao
SCOP Center 201918.6kmsite_ao
Panteón Francés de La Piedad 201917.9kmsite_ao
National Museum of Anthropology Murals 201918.4kmsite_ao
Mexica Sculpture Museum Dr. Eusebio Davalos Hurtado 201912.1kmsite_ao
Zócalo Metro Models 201914.2kmsite_ao
Café La Habana 201915.4kmsite_ao
The Hidden Secrets of Mexico City’s Monumento a la Revolución 201915.3kmsite_ao
Museo del Pulque y las Pulquerías 201914.6kmsite_ao
‘Las Razas y La Cultura’ Mural 201918.4kmsite_ao
Museo Paleontológico Tocuila (Paleontological Museum of Tocuila) 201916kmsite_ao
Coatlicue Statue 201918.4kmsite_ao
Flowers & Gardens Spring Festival 201918.9kmsite_ao
The Sweets Section at Mercado de la Merced 201914.3kmsite_ao
Monoliths of the Templo Mayor 201914kmsite_ao
This Historic Tile-Covered Building Now Houses a Chain Restaurant 201914.5kmsite_ao
Death Mask of Pakal the Great 201918.4kmsite_ao
Baths of Moctezuma 201918.7kmsite_ao
Mask of the Bat God 201918.4kmsite_ao
The Turquoise-Studded Skull of a Long-Dead Aztec Man 201918.4kmsite_ao
Monolith of Tlaloc 201918.4kmsite_ao
Xochipilli 201918.4kmsite_ao
Centro de Cultura Digital 201917.9kmsite_ao
The Pyramid of Santa Cecilia Acatitlán 201912kmsite_ao
Guillermo Tovar de Teresa House Museum 201917.6kmsite_ao
Foro Sol 201915.5kmsite_ao
Tacubaya’s Subway Mural 201920.3kmsite_ao
Disk of Death 201818.4kmsite_ao
Alexander Von Humboldt Monument 201814.6kmsite_ao
Los Pinos 201819.4kmsite_ao
The Jaguar Cuauhxicalli 201818.4kmsite_ao
Pyramids of Tlatelolco 201812.9kmsite_ao
A Miniature Model of Mexico City 201815.1kmsite_ao
Gamers El Moro Video Game Museum 201814.8kmsite_ao
The Psychedelic Murals at a Mexico City Research Library 201814.8kmsite_ao
Palace of the Inquisition 201813.8kmsite_ao
Skull Rack of the Great Temple 201814kmsite_ao
Serpents of the Great Temple 201814kmsite_ao
‘Tomb of the Years’ at Tenayuca Pyramid 201811.4kmsite_ao
Future Forest 201818.2kmsite_ao
CCEMx Site Museum 201814kmsite_ao
Mini Mundos 201815.5kmsite_ao
Pyramid of Ehécatl 201814.9kmsite_ao
Aztec Serpent Head Cornerstone 201814.5kmsite_ao
Minichelista Restaurant 201614.1kmsite_ao
Mexico City’s Museum of Folk Art 201714.9kmsite_ao
Biblioteca de México 201815.7kmsite_ao
Mercado San Juan 201715.2kmsite_ao
Pantheon of San Fernando 201814.6kmsite_ao
This Abandoned Hotel Is a Forgotten Gem in Mexico city 201716.4kmsite_ao
The Cake Room at Pastelería Ideal 201814.6kmsite_ao
Mexico City’s Abandoned Art Deco Movie Palace 201715.2kmsite_ao
Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporáneo 198018.1kmsite_brutalism
Palmas 555 20.3kmsite_brutalism
Church of Our Lady of the Miraculous Medal (Iglesia de la Medalla de la Virgen Milagrosa) 20.6kmsite_brutalism
Luis Barragán House and Studio 200419.9kmsite_whs
Historic Centre of Mexico City and Xochimilco 198715.6kmsite_whs

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