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Kuno II

Originally, the company Kuno used factories in the cities of Augsburg and Regensburg. Kuno assembled airplanes on behalf of the aviation company Messerschmitt AG—one of the predecessors of Airbus SE. During World War II, and after the first bombings, the company moved the factories to forests, tunnels or drifts.

One of these factories, Kuno I, was originally located next to the airfield Leipheim. In April 1944, the airfield was destroyed by U.S. bombers, and the factory was moved to the forest next to the village Burgau. The new factory, Kuno II, was built right into the forest using forced labor from concentration camps. The factory consisted of hangars, barracks, and a shooting range to adjust the jet’s weapons. Camouflage netting between the trees worked so well that the factory was not discovered until the end of the war.


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