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Hatch Sticker Museum

Opened in 2008 as an offshoot of globally-known sticker company hatch, the tiny Sticker Museum in Berlin is a based around one collectors personal assemblage of rare and unique street art stickers from around the world.

While the museum is affiliated with hatch, the bulk of the adhesive art works on display are taken from the personal collection of Oliver Baudach, who began preserving the stickers he came across in 1983. The museum displays around 6,000 pieces from his some 20,000. Displayed in cacophonous frames the stickers are the type one might see on a street lamp, skate deck, or mailbox in any big city. Staying away from children’s stickers entirely, most of the pieces are designed in the much talked about pop art style that many street artists traffic in currently. Skateboard logos and band designs jockey for space next to hand illustrated name tags and postal labels. All types of stickers are welcome and donations are encouraged.


About the source: Atlas Obscura

Atlas Obscura aims 'to inspire wonder and curiosity about the incredible world we all share'. You can contribute to their collection on their website.

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