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Atlas Obscura Grave of John Matthews: The Soda Fountain King

You may have noticed that America is in the throes of a serious seltzer craze right now—indeed, perhaps you are one of the hipsters crushing La Croix at your desk or documenting your Unicorn Kisses flavor Polar on Instagram. In the most recent episode of Gastropod, we explore the history of seltzer, unravel the peculiar way we taste carbonation, and bust the beverage’s many health myths.

What many people do not know, however, is the story of the man who brought artificial seltzer water to America: John Matthews, the “soda fountain king.” An immigrant from the UK, Matthews created an apparatus that pharmacists could sit on their counters to dispense carbonated water—and, in the process, set off the original American seltzer craze. He is laid to rest at Green-Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn, New York, where you can visit his elaborate tomb to pay respects to his bubbly addition to American culture—perhaps with a seltzer in hand. 

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Mary A. Whalen Oil Tanker

Discover Mary A. Whalen Oil Tanker in Brooklyn, New York: A retired oil tanker now offering amazing views of New York City.

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Lagman House

Discover Lagman House in Brooklyn, New York: The cuisine at this Sheepshead Bay spot tells the story of a displaced Muslim Chinese community.

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Reanimation Library

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The Leaning Brownstone

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Spritz Cookie Gravestone

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Karen Deli Grocery

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Swinburne Island

Discover Swinburne Island in Staten Island, New York: This abandoned artificial island off the coast of New York City is now home to dozens of harbor seals.

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Tomb of Secrets at Green-Wood Cemetery

A way to take your deepest secrets to someone else's grave.

Atlas Obscura 2020

Discover Gravesend in Brooklyn, New York: Nearly four centuries after its founding, remnants of one of the oldest planned communities in North America are still visible in southern Brooklyn.

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Cleft Ridge Span

Discover Cleft Ridge Span in Brooklyn, New York: This elaborate tunnel is the first structure composed of cast concrete in the United States.

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Vale of Cashmere

Discover Vale of Cashmere in Brooklyn, New York: This secluded ruin was once a home for exotic plants.

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Taste of the Tropics USA

Discover Taste of the Tropics USA in Brooklyn, New York: Try ice cream in Caribbean-styled flavors like soursop, Irish moss, and "greatnut.".

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New York’s Southernmost Subway Station

The unique seaside subway station is whimsically wavy.

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The Japanese-Style House of Prospect Park South

Discover The Japanese-Style House of Prospect Park South in Brooklyn, New York: This unique house, the only one of its kind in Brooklyn, was built as part of a real estate developer's showcase.

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Kane Street Impaled Pumpkins

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Brooklyn-Flatbush Border Line

Discover Brooklyn-Flatbush Border Line in Brooklyn, New York: One of the remaining markers of an era when Brooklyn and Flatbush were separate cities.

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‘The Dinner Party’

Discover 'The Dinner Party' in Brooklyn, New York: This enormous banquet-themed artwork honors over 1,000 notable women throughout history.

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Steinberg Sculpture Garden

Discover Steinberg Sculpture Garden in Brooklyn, New York: A beautiful collection of architectural ornaments rescued from demolished New York City buildings.

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Newkirk Plaza Mural and Mosaic

Discover Newkirk Plaza Mural and Mosaic in Brooklyn, New York: A mosaic made of materials gathered from this Brooklyn community adorns the walls of this tunnel.

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Gil Hodges’ Grave

Discover Gil

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Bay Ridge Gingerbread House

Discover Bay Ridge Gingerbread House in Brooklyn, New York: On the hills of Bay Ridge stands a house straight out of a fairy tale.

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Site of the Dongan Oak

Discover Site of the Dongan Oak in Brooklyn, New York: The site of a fallen tree that protected Americans from British forces during the American Revolution.

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Coney Island Mermaid Parade

Discover Coney Island Mermaid Parade in Brooklyn, New York: The famed amusement district marks the beginning of summer with a wild procession of nautical creatures.

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Smith-9 Street Station

Discover Smith-9 Street Station in Brooklyn, New York: The highest rapid transit station in the world.

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Crown Heights Cheese Caves

Underground vaults of a former brewery in Brooklyn are now used to ripen cheese.

68th Precinct, NYC Police Department
Atlas Obscura 2019
Avenue H Station House

Discover Avenue H Station House in Brooklyn, New York: This unusual subway stop was originally a real estate office.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Albemarle-Kenmore Terraces

Discover Albemarle-Kenmore Terraces in Brooklyn, New York: These century-old townhouses contain some of the first car garages built in the United States.

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Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding 1994 Museum

From humble origins in a Brooklyn apartment to what "may be the most important museum ever created."

Atlas Obscura 2017
Coney Island Museum

Discover Coney Island Museum in Brooklyn, New York: An oasis of calm amid the chaos of the boardwalk, the museum traces the heritage of this beloved beachside amusement park.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Calvert Vaux Cove

Discover Calvert Vaux Cove in Brooklyn, New York: This small, hidden cove is home to abandoned boats.

Wikipedia Landmark
Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge

The Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge is a suspension bridge connecting the New York City boroughs of Staten Island and Brooklyn. It spans the Narrows, a body of water linking the relatively enclosed Upper New York Bay with Lower New York Bay and the Atlantic O…

Atlas Obscura 2018
‘Jumping Jack’ Power Plant

Discover 'Jumping Jack' Power Plant in Brooklyn, New York: A mysterious, abandoned building rotting on the Brooklyn waterfront.

Atlas Obscura 2019
David’s Brisket House

Discover David's Brisket House in Brooklyn, New York: A Jewish deli run by Yemeni Muslims in an Afro-Caribbean neighborhood is quintessential Brooklyn.

Post 2019
1960s New York Street Life: James Jowers’ Snapshots of ‘Disorder and Imperfection’
Atlas Obscura 2019
Washington Park Wall

Discover Washington Park Wall in Brooklyn, New York: The unassuming structure was part of a Major League Baseball stadium.

Atlas Obscura 2021
‘Civic Virtue Triumphant Over Unrighteousness’

Discover 'Civic Virtue Triumphant Over Unrighteousness' in Brooklyn, New York: This controversial statue has migrated twice in its life.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Cafe at Your Mother-in-Law

Discover Cafe at Your Mother-in-Law in Brooklyn, New York: A ruthless Soviet relocation campaign birthed a new cuisine, and this humble restaurant.

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The Rodman Gun of Cannonball Park

The rare American Civil War-weapon was never fired in anger.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Mi Pequeño Chinantla

Discover Mi Pequeño Chinantla in Brooklyn, New York: Enter the deli, walk until you hit the taxidermy, then order some hot, homey guisado.

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Ocean Parkway Malls Marine Life Plaques

Discover Ocean Parkway Malls Marine Life Plaques in Brooklyn, New York: A series of fish plaques that are embedded in the malls of Ocean Parkway.

Atlas Obscura 2021
Henry Chadwick’s Grave

Discover Henry Chadwick's Grave in Brooklyn, New York: The real "father of baseball" rests in Brooklyn.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Captain America Statue

Discover Captain America Statue in Brooklyn, New York: A one-ton statue of Steve Rogers beautifies the entry to a Brooklyn Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Leroy’s Place

Discover Leroy's Place in Brooklyn, New York: This interactive gallery makes you feel like you've stepped into a fantasy world filled with whimsical monsters.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Childs Restaurant Building

Discover Childs Restaurant Building in Brooklyn, New York: The flagship building of an early national restaurant chain is a superb example of terra cotta art.

Atlas Obscura 2021
Columbia Street Waterfront District Sculpture Garden

Discover Columbia Street Waterfront District Sculpture Garden in Brooklyn, New York: This eclectic sculpture garden in Brooklyn, home to a bizarre collection of art, was once a run-down junkyard.

Atlas Obscura 2017
Ebbets Field Apartments on the Birthplace of the Brooklyn Dodgers

The "Pigtown" field where Jackie Robinson made his major league debut was replaced with a huge apartment complex.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Brighton Bazaar

Discover Brighton Bazaar in Brooklyn, New York: This neighborhood grocery houses a treasure trove of Eastern European delights.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Abu’s Homestyle Bakery

Discover Abu's Homestyle Bakery in Brooklyn, New York: This family-owned bakery is one of the last places in Brooklyn to sell the Nation of Islam–inspired bean pie.

Atlas Obscura 2022
William Beard’s Grave

Discover William Beard's Grave in Brooklyn, New York: The painter who popularized "bulls" and "bears" as symbols for the stock market didn't get a proper headphone for over a century.

Atlas Obscura 2017
Lesbian Herstory Archives

Discover Lesbian Herstory Archives in Brooklyn, New York: The world's largest collection of materials relating to lesbian history is housed in a Brooklyn townhouse.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Charles Feltman’s Tomb

Discover Charles Feltman's Tomb in Brooklyn, New York: The inventor of the Coney Island hot dog rests in a grand mausoleum in Brooklyn.

Wikipedia Landmark
Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum is an art museum located in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. At 560,000 square feet , the museum is New York City’s third largest in physical size and holds an art collection with roughly 500,000 objects. Located near the…

Atlas Obscura 2021
A Brooklyn Park’s Wood-Paneled Arch

Endale Arch, one of the first architectural elements constructed in Prospect Park, was recently restored to its original glory.