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Atlas Obscura ‘Giganticus Headicus’

“Giganticus Headicus,” is a giant, tiki-style head constructed in 2004 by area artist Gregg Arnold. The statue is 14 feet tall and crafted from cement, chicken wire, and styrofoam. This unique work of art can be found in Antares Point near Kingman, Arizona, along Route 66. It’s adjacent to the former Kozy Corner Trailer Park.

The main A-frame building where the head sits was originally a location for Nickerson Farms, a popular chain of restaurants/gift shops that existed between 1960 and early 1980. It was later repurposed into a gift shop that featured some Route 66 memorabilia and “Giganticus Headicus” themed gifts until it closed in 2020. There are also several old cars on the property and vintage gas pumps.  

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