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Atlas Obscura El-Jazzar Mosque

In the 4,000-year-old seaside city of Acre, the green tip of a minaret stands sentinel above two large domes of the same color, puncturing the otherwise seamless blue Mediterranean sky. Underneath the structure’s spacious, palm tree-lined courtyard are a series of cisterns fed by water from the nearby Kabri springs. Also known as the Great Mosque and the White Mosque, this place of worship owes both its design and existence to a famous Ottoman ruler of obscure origins.

Sometime between 1720 and 1739, a young boy now known as Ahmed was born in what is today southern Bosnia. After moving to Constantinople, Ahmed worked for a period in Anatolia, eventually landing in Egypt, where he quickly curried favor with Mamluk officials. Mamluks were young Balkan (including Bosnian), Circassian, Coptic, Turkic, and Georgian men who had been sold into slavery and trained as soldiers for their captors. At one point, these slaves revolted and took control from their former owners, although they kept the slavery apparatus running so as to have a continuous supply of future rulers and administrators.

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World Heritage Site 1984

According to legend, purple dye was invented in Tyre. This great Phoenician city ruled the seas and founded prosperous colonies such as Cadiz and Carthage, but its historical role declined at the end of the Crusades. There are important archaeological r…

Faculty of Mechanical Engineering (today Danciger Laboratories), Technion
Atlas Obscura 2018
Zodiac Mosaic of Hammat Tiberias

Discover Zodiac Mosaic of Hammat Tiberias in Tiberias, Israel: The mosaic floor of a 4th-century synagogue features a pagan zodiac wheel alongside traditional images of a Torah ark and menorahs.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Beit She’arim Necropolis

The world's largest ancient Jewish cemetery.

World Heritage Site 2012
Sites of Human Evolution at Mount Carmel: The Nahal Me’arot / Wadi el-Mughara Caves

Situated on the western slopes of the Mount Carmel range, the site includes the caves of Tabun, Jamal, el-Wad and Skhul. Ninety years of archaeological research have revealed a cultural sequence of unparalleled duration, providing an archive of early hu…

Atlas Obscura 2021
Hadrianic Aqueduct of Caesarea

Discover Hadrianic Aqueduct of Caesarea in Beit Hanania, Israel: Built by a king and rebuilt by an emperor, this aqueduct transported water for 1,200 years to this ancient Mediterranean hub.

Atlas Obscura 2021
Hunin Castle

Discover Hunin Castle in Margaliot, Israel: Crusader ruin with views over South Lebanon.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Mount Arbel

Discover Mount Arbel in Hamaam, Israel: An iconic view point of the Sea of Galilee offers a look into Israel's past.

Immigrants Hostel (today The Alfred & Irma Morgenthau Absorption Center)
Atlas Obscura 2019
Mount Tabor

Discover Mount Tabor in Shibli, Israel: This dome-shaped mountain boasts amazing views and has a rich religious history.

World Heritage Site 2015
Necropolis of Bet She’arim: A Landmark of Jewish Renewal

Consisting of a series of catacombs, the necropolis developed from the 2nd century AD as the primary Jewish burial place outside Jerusalem following the failure of the second Jewish revolt against Roman rule. Located southeast of the city of Haifa, the…

Brutalism 1963
Soldier’s House (Beit Hachyal)
Atlas Obscura 2018
An Ancient Underground Mithraeum in Israel

The religious cult worshipped the god Mithras here in the 3rd century.

Convalescent Home (today: King Solomon Hotel)
Atlas Obscura 2020
Or Torah Synagogue

Discover Or Torah Synagogue in Acre, Israel: This synagogue is covered in beautiful mosaics that explore the history of the Jewish people.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Monfort Fortress

Discover Monfort Fortress in Eilon, Israel: A secluded fortress from the days of the Crusades that offers breathtaking views.

Leo Baeck School
Atlas Obscura 2020
Nisco Museum

Discover Nisco Museum in Ein Hod, Israel: It took a lifetime to collect these mechanical musical wonders.

World Heritage Site 2005
Biblical Tels – Megiddo, Hazor, Beer Sheba

Tels (prehistoric settlement mounds), are characteristic of the flatter lands of the eastern Mediterranean, particularly Lebanon, Syria, Israel and eastern Turkey. Of more than 200 tels in Israel, Megiddo, Hazor and Beer Sheba are representative of thos…

World Heritage Site 2008
Bahá’i Holy Places in Haifa and the Western Galilee

The Bahá’i Holy Places in Haifa and Western Galilee are inscribed for their profound spiritual meaning and the testimony they bear to the strong tradition of pilgrimage in the Bahá’i faith. The property includes the two most ho…

World Heritage Site 2001
Old City of Acre

Acre is a historic walled port-city with continuous settlement from the Phoenician period. The present city is characteristic of a fortified town dating from the Ottoman 18th and 19th centuries, with typical urban components such as the citadel, mosques…