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‘Dreaming Spires’

Scotland has a long, beloved and historic tradition of poetry. Various sites throughout the city honor the art form, including “Dreaming Spires,” which features a quote from Roy Campbell.

While Campbell was South African, he was born to Scottish parents, so when the OMNI shopping centre decided to hold a contest in 2004 for a public artwork to be designed on its front square, artist Helen Denerley saw him as a perfect inspiration.



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Shrine to Saint Andrew 20200.1kmsite_ao
Northern Lighthouse Board 20201kmsite_ao
The Miss Jean Brodie Steps 20201.3kmsite_ao
Bust of Sir Patrick Geddes 20200.6kmsite_ao
Trinity Apse 20200.6kmsite_ao
The Lodge of Edinburgh 20201.1kmsite_ao
‘A Drama in Time’ 20200.5kmsite_ao
Queen Mary’s Bath House 20200.8kmsite_ao
Door Knocker 20201kmsite_ao
Site of the Porteous Riots 20201.1kmsite_ao
15 London Street 20200.5kmsite_ao
Paperback Bookshop Rhinoceros 20201.3kmsite_ao
Wardrop’s Court Dragons 20200.9kmsite_ao
Monuments Garden 20200.7kmsite_ao
View From The Train: Edinburgh to Inverness via Inverkeithing en 20160.5kmsite_izi
View From The Train: Edinburgh to Aberdeen en 20160.5kmsite_izi
View From The Train: Edinburgh to Inverness via Via Stirling en 20160.7kmsite_izi
Urbirun Edinburgh – Highlights en fr 0.4kmsite_izi
Free Edinburgh audio tour from MP3 City Guides en 1kmsite_izi
Heave Awa Hoose 20200.6kmsite_ao
Inverkiething Mercat Cross 20200.8kmsite_ao
Death Cell Door of Calton Jail 20201.2kmsite_ao
Gilbert the Phone Box 20201.2kmsite_ao
William Burke Museum 20201kmsite_ao
Morocco’s Land Effigy 20200.6kmsite_ao
Canongate Kirkyard 20190.6kmsite_ao
Cannongate Kirkyard 20190.6kmsite_ao
Luckenbooths 20190.7kmsite_ao
Talbot Rice Gallery 20191kmsite_ao
Altered Traffic Signs 20190.4kmsite_ao
‘The Manuscript of Monte Cassino’ 20190.1kmsite_ao
Dundas House 20190.4kmsite_ao
Moray House Garden Pavilion 20190.9kmsite_ao
The Great Hall Ceiling at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery 20190.5kmsite_ao
Netherbow Bell 20190.6kmsite_ao
Wooden Animal Sculptures 20190.4kmsite_ao
Jacob’s Ladder 20190.5kmsite_ao
‘The Stones of Scotland’ 20190.8kmsite_ao
Bakehouse Close 20190.7kmsite_ao
Cramond Lioness 20191.1kmsite_ao
Cafe Royal 20190.4kmsite_ao
Millennium Clock Tower 20191.1kmsite_ao
St Giles’ Cathedral Thistle Chapel 20190.8kmsite_ao
The Oldest Statue in Edinburgh 20190.8kmsite_ao
Tweeddale Court 20190.7kmsite_ao
The Scotsman Steps 20190.6kmsite_ao
Blair Street Underground Vaults 20190.8kmsite_ao
Scotland’s Oldest Purpose-Built Concert Hall 20190.8kmsite_ao
A Secret Garden off Edinburgh’s Royal Mile 20190.7kmsite_ao
‘Center of Edinburgh’ Bollard 20190.4kmsite_ao
John Knox’s Grave 20190.8kmsite_ao
New Calton Cemetery Watchtower 20190.7kmsite_ao
The King’s Chamber 20190.9kmsite_ao
Sanctuary Stones 20190.9kmsite_ao
Robert Burns’ Masonic Apron 20181.1kmsite_ao
World’s End Close 20180.7kmsite_ao
World’s End Close 20180.7kmsite_ao
Museum of Edinburgh 20180.7kmsite_ao
Beltane Fire Festival 20180.3kmsite_ao
Museum of Childhood 20180.7kmsite_ao
John Knox House 20180.7kmsite_ao
A Scottish Philosopher With a Lucky Toe 20180.9kmsite_ao
The Writers’ Museum 20180.9kmsite_ao
Edinburgh Book Sculptures 20180.8kmsite_ao
The Witchery 20181kmsite_ao
General Register Building of the National Archives of Scotland 20180.4kmsite_ao
Taxidermy Remains of Dolly the Sheep 20171kmsite_ao
William Wallace and Robert the Bruce Statues 20181.2kmsite_ao
The Edinburgh Maiden 20181kmsite_ao
Library of Mistakes 20171.2kmsite_ao
The Historic Stained Glass of Scotland’s Magdalen Chapel 20171kmsite_ao
The Flodden Wall 20170.9kmsite_ao
The Little-Known Rooftop Terrace at the National Museum of Scotland 20171kmsite_ao
A Heart Symbol Marks the Old Entrance to One of the UK’s Most Terrible Prisons 20170.8kmsite_ao
The Edinburgh Witches’ Well 20171kmsite_ao
St. James Centre 19640.2kmsite_brutalism

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