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Cats Museum

For cat lovers, there is no place like the medieval town of Kotor, Montenegro. The town, which was founded by the Romans in 168 BC, has a noticeably high cat population. For centuries, Kotor served as a trading port for ships from all over the world, and many of the cats who were on the ships were left behind, ultimately populating the small town with a diverse array of felines.

The cats are a part of daily life in Kotor, acting as a symbol for the entire town. In fact, Kotor even has a museum dedicated to their furry residents. Tucked into an unassuming building in the heart of Old Town, the Cats Museum (Museo del Gatto di Cattaro) is a charming sight to be seen for cat lovers and loathers alike.Visitors who find their way into the tiny museum are granted access to an unusual collection of cat works from writings, coins, lithographs and much more. For those with a certain niche humor, the collection of postcards featuring cats doing human things is a must-see, while the more historically inclined will surely appreciate the pieces dating back a few centuries.


About the source: Atlas Obscura

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