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Atlas Obscura Budapest Castle Hill Funicular

At the bottom of Castle Hill is the Széchenyi Chain Bridge, Hungary’s first permanent structure to cross the Danube River. It opened in 1849, and the solid span of wrought iron and stone connected Buda and Pest, the two sides of the capital city.

At the top of the hill, rising over 300 feet at an almost 40-degree incline, is Buda Castle—with no easy way, at the time, to get there from the bridge. That changed 21 years later with the opening of the Budavári Sikló, Europe’s second funicular railway. For the next 70-odd years the stepped cars took passengers up and down the equivalent of 30 flights of stairs. Those trips ended during World War II, when the line was destroyed during the bombing of Budapest.

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Budapest – out along Andrassy Avenue
Atlas Obscura 2022
Prince of Buda and Princess of Pest Statue

Discover Prince of Buda and Princess of Pest Statue in Budapest, Hungary: On Gellért Hill, this statue depicts the tragic tale of lovers divided by the Danube.

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Art Nouveau buildings in Budapest
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World Heritage Site 1987
Budapest, including the Banks of the Danube, the Buda Castle Quarter and Andrássy Avenue

This site has the remains of monuments such as the Roman city of Aquincum and the Gothic castle of Buda, which have had a considerable influence on the architecture of various periods. It is one of the world’s outstanding urban landscapes and illustrate…

Producers’ Cooperative Radelkis
Atlas Obscura 2022
Paul Street Boys Monument

Discover Paul Street Boys Monument in Budapest, Hungary: A scene from one of Hungary's most famous novels.

Atlas Obscura 2022
Mihály Kolodko’s Mini Statues

Discover Mihály Kolodko's Mini Statues in Budapest, Hungary: From cartoon characters to tiny tanks, a guerilla sculptor's little bronze statues are hidden throughout the city of Budapest.

Atlas Obscura 2017
Belle Époque Artist Colony Garden in Budapest

Discover Epreskert Garden in Budapest, Hungary: The romantic garden was the epicenter of the Hungarian art scene in the 1880s.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Kerepesi Cemetery

Discover Kerepesi Cemetery in Budapest, Hungary: Time stands still at this serene burial ground in the center of Budapest.

BKK Transport Dispatchment Center “Futár”
Atlas Obscura 2018
Budapest’s Zero Kilometer Stone

The geographical center of the city is marked with a stylized zero.

Atlas Obscura 2022
Katalin Karikó Mural

Discover Katalin Karikó Mural in Budapest, Hungary: The Hungarian biochemist whose research helped develop mRNA-based vaccines for Covid-19.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Central Café and Restaurant 1887

Discover Central Café and Restaurant 1887 in Budapest, Hungary: Some of the greatest minds in the history of Hungarian art and science converged in this café.

Atlas Obscura 2022
Ghetto Wall Memorial

Discover Ghetto Wall Memorial in Budapest, Hungary: The holes in this wall provide a glimpse of Jewish life in Budapest, both past and present.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Steve Jobs Memorial Statue

Discover Steve Jobs Memorial Statue in Budapest, Hungary: The world’s first statue of the late Apple co-founder.

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Budapest – Inner City Pest walk with Tim Richards
Atlas Obscura 2021
Little Nemecsek Statue

Discover Little Nemecsek Statue in Budapest, Hungary: This statue honors one of Budapest's most beloved literary characters.

Brutalism 1975
All Saints Parish Church (Farkasréti Mindenszentek Plébániatemplom)
Atlas Obscura 2019
Koller Gallery

Discover Koller Gallery in Budapest, Hungary: The oldest private art gallery in all of Hungary.

Post 2021
Finding the Best of Budapest: Grand Delights and Little Discoveries – The Epoch Times
Atlas Obscura 2022
Mátyás Fountain

Discover Mátyás Fountain in Budapest, Hungary:.

Atlas Obscura 2022
The Flying Nun

Discover The Flying Nun in Budapest, Hungary: The true meaning behind this sculpture remains unknown.

Atlas Obscura 2017
Man Falling Into Death

Discover Péter Mansfeld Monument in Budapest, Hungary: This statue of a falling man commemorates a teenage martyr of the Hungarian Revolution.

Atlas Obscura 2022
Carl Lutz Memorial

Discover Carl Lutz Memorial in Budapest, Hungary: This sculpture honors the man who was known as the "Righteous Among the Nations.".

Atlas Obscura 2020
Adria Palace

Discover Adria Palace in Budapest, Hungary: This building has survived for more than a century and remains virtually untouched.

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Budapest in 1 day
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Atlas Obscura 2019
Magyar Rádió

Discover Magyar Rádió in Budapest, Hungary: This quiet, unassuming spot in Budapest was the birthplace of the bloody 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Dominican Convent

Discover Dominican Convent in Budapest, Hungary: A 13th-century convent where St. Margaret of Hungary spent her teenage years.

Atlas Obscura 2017
Budapest Telephone Museum

Discover Budapest Telephone Museum in Budapest, Hungary: Beautiful antiques and obscure engineering artifacts trace the evolution of phones from rare luxuries to ubiquitous.

Atlas Obscura 2017
Budapest’s Abandoned Train Graveyard

The final rusting place for many precious artifacts of train history.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Bullet Hole Markers at the Ministry of Agriculture Building

Discover Bullet Hole Markers at the Ministry of Agriculture Building in Budapest, Hungary: This easily overlooked memorial immortalizes the scars from the 1956 Hungarian Revolution.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Szimpla Kert

Discover Szimpla Kert in Budapest, Hungary: A Trabant car, a kangaroo statue, and a plethora of plants take over this abandoned-factory-turned-bar.

Atlas Obscura 2017
A Béla Lugosi Bust Was Snuck Onto the Facade of This Budapest Castle

The castle celebrates the architectural history of Hungary—and Dracula.

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Free Budapest audio tour from MP3 City Guides
Atlas Obscura 2021

Discover Gömböc in Budapest, Hungary: The largest statue of this convex, homogeneous object with just one stable and one unstable equilibrium point.

Atlas Obscura 2017
Roman Baths Under a Budapest Train Station

Discover Thermae Maiores in Budapest, Hungary: Legions of Roman soldiers bathed in this ancient spa complex under a Budapest transit station.

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Budapest – history walk of Buda with Tim Richards
Terrace Houses
Atlas Obscura 2022
Holocaust Tree of Life Memorial

Discover Holocaust Tree of Life Memorial in Budapest, Hungary: The metal leaves on this tree are engraved with the names of Holocaust victims.

Post 2019
Budapest: Heaven in Hungary
Atlas Obscura 2022
Righteous Among the Nations Memorial

Discover Righteous Among the Nations Memorial in Budapest, Hungary: A plaque bearing the names of those who dedicated themselves to protecting Budapest's Jewish population during World War II.