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Brother Klaus Field Chapel

Located in a remote field in Wachendorf, Germany, the Brother Klaus Field Chapel (Bruder Klaus Kapelle in the original German) stands like an extraterrestrial monolith sent to Earth on a mission of brutalist modern spirituality, yet it was created using some surprisingly primal techniques.

Designed by renowned Swiss architect Peter Zumthor, the tall, pentagonal chapel was created between 2005-2007 using techniques and inspiration gleaned from local farmers. Originally the structure was created by leaning 112 tree trunks together like a teepee. This was then used as the form for the rest of the chapel as concrete was poured around the outside, creating a a flat, angular exterior. Once this was complete the tree trunks, still exposed on the interior, were set ablaze leaving the walls burnt and strangely patterned with the impressions of the wood that was turned to ash. As grandly uninviting finishing touches, the floor was formed from a solid block of poured molten lead and a sharp triangular door was installed over the entrance.



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