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Aquis Querquennis

The short pillars, ruined walls, arches, and moat that form the foundations of this former Roman military camp can sometimes be found half submerged in the reservoir, depending on the amount of rain upriver and the status of the dam. The sprawling and venerable fortification near the Lima River, known locally as “the city,” featured two granaries, a basilica and temple, an infirmary, and barracks large enough to house two centuria battalions and their commanders. It’s thought that a total of up to 600 soldiers could have been stationed here at any given time.

The construction of the barracks dates back to the reign of Vespasian, around the year 75, when it was likely used as a base from which to defend newly built roads connecting other, larger roads in this remote province. The modern road through this area is small even today—following it south brings you through a mountain pass and over the border with Portugal.



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