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Annesley Hall

Dating to the middle of the 13th century, Annesley Hall is a historic country estate. The decrepit stately home has a ruined church, a history of bold seafaring adventurers, ghosts and unrequited love. The manse has been mentioned in works by Nottinghamshire literary greats Lord Byron and DH Lawrence. However two devastating fires have left the historic building in a precarious state.

Annesley Hall was home to the powerful Chaworth-Musters family who had a longstanding rivalry with the Byrons of nearby Newstead Abbey, including tales of dynastic murder and romance worthy of Shakespeare. The Poet Byron was in love with Mary Chaworth, heiress of Annesley Hall, whose second cousin was shot dead by Byron’s own uncle in a duel. Byron wrote of his forbidden and ultimately unrequited love in the poem ‘The Dream’ set on Diadem Hill, a short walk from the ruins.


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