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Andělská Hora Castle

In the 14th century, the House of Hrabischitz from Riesenburg built a castle above the village of Andělská Hora in the Karlovy Vary region of Czechia. Though the castle is no longer inhabited and has fallen into a state of ruin, parts of the structure still stand atop a perch, surrounded by the Slavkov Forest and Doupov Mountains.

Andělská Hora served to protect the family’s local estates. It stood for more than 200 years before it was conquered and plundered by Swedish forces in 1635, during the Thirty Year War. The castle was damaged, but not completely abandoned until 1718, when its roof caught fire and burned down. Over the years, the ruined castle became a popular destination for guests at the Kaiserbad Spa in nearby Karlovy Vary.

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