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Atlas Obscura Abukuma-do Caves

Nestled amid the mountains of Koriyama reside a beautiful series of illuminated limestone caverns. Each chamber is filled with an assortment of colors, ranging in different shades of green, blue, and pink.

The caverns were discovered in 1969 and were formed over 80 million years by the flow of underground streams. The entire cave complex stretches more than 9,000 feet (2,000 meters). A little more than 2,000 feet (800 meters) of the caves are open to the public to explore. The path within the caves is mostly platformed, making navigation relatively comfortable.

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Atlas Obscura 2021
Abandoned Western Village in Japan

Discover Abandoned Western Village in Nikko, Japan: This western-themed amusement park is host to a large number of decaying animatronic cowboys.

Atlas Obscura 2021
The Fountain of Ideas

Discover The Fountain of Ideas in Yonezawa, Japan: Ward off bad luck and fill your bottle with "the most watery water" at this little roadside shrine in Yonezawa.

Atlas Obscura 2019
Sendai Daikannon

Discover Sendai Daikannon in Sendai-shi, Japan: One of the tallest statues in the world, and the tallest statue of a goddess in Japan.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Nagaoka Hyakuana Burial Mound

Discover Nagaoka Hyakuana Burial Mound in Utsunomiya, Japan: This ancient burial cave along a roadside is also home to several Buddhist sculptures.

Brutalism 1955
Education Center
Atlas Obscura 2020
Sesshōseki (Killing Stone)

A stone that is said to kill anyone who comes in contact with it.

Atlas Obscura 2018
The Venus of Gyoza

At a Japanese train station, a goddess emerges from a dumpling.

Atlas Obscura 2017
A Beautiful Japanese Water Tower

The defunct structure adds a European flair to a traditional Japanese neighborhood.

Atlas Obscura 2021
God Stone of Shiroishi

Discover Shinseki Shiroishi (God Stone of Shiroishi) in Shiroishi, Japan: A town's namesake rock has served as a spiritual matchmaker for hundreds of years.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Matsushima Bay

Discover Matsushima Bay in Matsushima, Japan: These tiny pine-covered islands have inspired art and poetry for centuries.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Oya History Museum – Subterranean Cave

Discover Oya History Museum – Subterranean Cave in Utsunomiya, Japan: This massive, beautifully-lit underground quarry leaves visitors in awe.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Mount Hiyori

Discover Mount Hiyori in Sendai, Japan: Officially the lowest mountain in Japan.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Cedar Avenue of Nikkō

Discover Cedar Avenue of Nikkō in Nikko, Japan: Stretching for 22 miles, the world's longest tree-lined avenue dates back to the early 17th-century.