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Abandoned Glenn White Coke Ovens

The Glenn White coke ovens are a neat little treasure hidden just one mile west of Altoona’s iconic Horseshoe Curve. These ovens provided coke—not the soda nor the drug, but a fuel made from carbon and coal—for trains running in the area during the height of the railroad.

There were originally 80 ovens, producing roughly 32,000 tons of coke a year. Founded in the mid 1800s, the Glen White Coke Works was named after the town that used to lie directly across the street from the ovens, about 50 yards into the woods. This small coke and coal town ceased to exist after the ovens, and then the mines, stopped production in the 1940s. Only a few remains of the lost town still can be found, for those willing to navigate the surrounding forests and streams.


About the source: Atlas Obscura

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