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Abandoned Crematorium and Cemetery

There are parts of this abandoned cemetery in Dessau, Germany where it truly feels like stepping into a horror movie. Fallen tombstones and urns are already spooky, and the creepy reliefs on the stones just add to the dark atmosphere. Then you come across a building that looks like a small chapel. Stepping in, the realization hits: It is an abandoned crematorium.

Most parts of the historic Cemetery III in Dessau are abandoned. The cemetery is divided by a street. The larger western side is a park-like area with plenty of old graves, beautiful monuments, sometimes with quite horrid reliefs and greatly decorated wells all overgrown with ivy. Among others, you’ll find a memorial for the victims of fascism and a memorial for the victims of the BAMAG-Disaster, a 1918 explosion in a workshop at a WWI munitions factory that killed 56 workers, mostly women and young girls. 


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