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Atlas Obscura A Sculpture Park in the Montana Wilderness

Montana’s Blackfoot Valley is known for its natural beauty, its mining and logging industries, and its excellent fly-fishing, as depicted in A River Runs Through It. The region is not, however, usually considered a destination for contemporary art.

Blackfoot Pathways: Sculpture in the Wild, a sculpture park set in a wooded area just off Montana State Route 200 in the small town of Lincoln, hopes to change this. It’s a first step in making the Blackfoot Valley known for its cultural, rather than just industrial, products.

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Atlas Obscura 2018
Washoe Theater

Discover Washoe Theater in Anaconda, Montana: This tiny movie theater was the last one in the U.S. constructed in the Nuevo Deco architectural style.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Stonehouse in Reeder’s Alley

Discover Stonehouse in Reeder's Alley in Helena, Montana: One home in the historic strip hides secret compartments and the ghostly songs of long-gone canaries.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Granite Ghost Town

Discover Granite Ghost Town in Philipsburg, Montana: A little-visited ghost town state park offers a glimpse into Montana’s "Silver Queen.".

Atlas Obscura 2017
The World’s Third-Tallest Statue Honors Women Everywhere

High up in the mountains, Our Lady of the Rockiest opens her welcoming arms.

Atlas Obscura 2019
The Oldest Continuously-Operating Chinese Restaurant in the United States Is in Montana

Pekin Noodle Parlor opened in Butte in 1911.

Atlas Obscura 2020
The Auditor Statues

Discover The Auditor Statues in Butte, Montana: Multiple monuments to a grizzled old mutt that survived the landscape of Butte's treacherous Berkeley Pit.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Elkhorn Ghost Town

Discover Elkhorn Ghost Town in Boulder, Montana: This off-the-beaten-path abandoned town is a relic of Montana's silver mining boom.

Atlas Obscura 2021
Ohrmann Museum & Gallery

Discover Ohrmann Museum & Gallery in Drummond, Montana: A metal menagerie fills the yard of this museum and gallery, the work of Montana artist Bill Ohrmann.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Old Trail Museum

Discover Old Trail Museum in Choteau, Montana: Touch an actual dinosaur bone at this eclectic trove of Rocky Mountain treasures.

Atlas Obscura 2019
World Museum of Mining

Discover World Museum of Mining in Butte, Montana: A sprawling museum located on the former site of the Orphan Girl Mine.

Atlas Obscura 2018
Guardian of the Gulch

Discover Guardian of the Gulch in Helena, Montana: The old fire tower is one of the last of its kind in the United States.

Atlas Obscura 2020
Socialist Hall

Discover Socialist Hall in Butte, Montana: One of the last socialist halls still standing in the United States.