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A Mysterious Circle of Stones, Overlooked by Archaeologists

The Centro Ceremonioso de Pamashto (Ceremonial Center of Pamashto) sits on a grassy hilltop in the high jungle of Peru. It likely dates back to around the time of the Inca Empire, if not before, but who exactly built it—and why—remains a mystery.

The small archaeological site is located above the village of Pamashto, a short ride from the historic town of Lamas near the city of Tarapoto, Peru. Hardly anyone comes here, apart from eager harvesters of magic mushrooms (at the right time, Psilocybe cubensis grow in abundance in the cowpat-strewn fields), illegal excavators looking for loot, and, once in a blue moon, an archaeologist or group of local students.





About the source: Atlas Obscura

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