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‘A Drama in Time’

Commissioned as part of the 2016 Edinburgh Art Festival, “A Drama in Time” is a set of five neon artworks by Scottish artist Graham Fagen. They depict two seascapes, two sailboats, and a skeleton in the middle. Its title comes from a quote by Patrick Geddes, a city planner noted for his improvements to the living conditions of Edinburgh’s then-infamously crowded and unsanitary Old Town. According to Geddes: “A city is more than a place in space, it is a drama in time.”

Located near the Calton Road (downhill) terminus of the well-known Jacob’s Ladder, the artwork draws meaning from the Ladder itself, which can be seen as a connection between the Old and New Towns. Additionally, it leads to the many monuments atop Calton Hill, which also offer views of the Firth of Forth, Edinburgh’s gateway to the sea.



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Queen Mary’s Bath House 20200.5kmsite_ao
Door Knocker 20200.9kmsite_ao
Site of the Porteous Riots 20200.9kmsite_ao
15 London Street 20200.9kmsite_ao
Paperback Bookshop Rhinoceros 20200.9kmsite_ao
Medieval Water Pipes 20201.3kmsite_ao
Wardrop’s Court Dragons 20200.8kmsite_ao
Monuments Garden 20200.2kmsite_ao
View From The Train: Edinburgh to Inverness via Inverkeithing en 20160.5kmsite_izi
View From The Train: Edinburgh to Aberdeen en 20160.5kmsite_izi
View From The Train: Edinburgh to Inverness via Via Stirling en 20160.6kmsite_izi
Free Edinburgh audio tour from MP3 City Guides en 0.6kmsite_izi
The Meadows Mural 20201.3kmsite_ao
Heave Awa Hoose 20200.3kmsite_ao
Inverkiething Mercat Cross 20200.6kmsite_ao
Death Cell Door of Calton Jail 20201.1kmsite_ao
William Burke Museum 20200.9kmsite_ao
Morocco’s Land Effigy 20200.2kmsite_ao
Canongate Kirkyard 20190.2kmsite_ao
Cannongate Kirkyard 20190.2kmsite_ao
Luckenbooths 20190.4kmsite_ao
Edinburgh’s Swedish Runestone 20191kmsite_ao
Talbot Rice Gallery 20190.7kmsite_ao
‘Dreaming Spires’ 20190.5kmsite_ao
Altered Traffic Signs 20190.6kmsite_ao
‘The Manuscript of Monte Cassino’ 20190.5kmsite_ao
Dundas House 20190.6kmsite_ao
Moray House Garden Pavilion 20190.4kmsite_ao
The Great Hall Ceiling at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery 20190.7kmsite_ao
Netherbow Bell 20190.3kmsite_ao
Wooden Animal Sculptures 20190.6kmsite_ao
Jacob’s Ladder 20190kmsite_ao
‘The Stones of Scotland’ 20190.6kmsite_ao
Bakehouse Close 20190.3kmsite_ao
Cramond Lioness 20190.8kmsite_ao
Cafe Royal 20190.5kmsite_ao
Millennium Clock Tower 20190.8kmsite_ao
St Giles’ Cathedral Thistle Chapel 20190.6kmsite_ao
The Oldest Statue in Edinburgh 20190.6kmsite_ao
Tweeddale Court 20190.3kmsite_ao
The Scotsman Steps 20190.4kmsite_ao
Blair Street Underground Vaults 20190.6kmsite_ao
Scotland’s Oldest Purpose-Built Concert Hall 20190.5kmsite_ao
A Secret Garden off Edinburgh’s Royal Mile 20190.3kmsite_ao
‘Center of Edinburgh’ Bollard 20190.4kmsite_ao
John Knox’s Grave 20190.6kmsite_ao
New Calton Cemetery Watchtower 20190.4kmsite_ao
The King’s Chamber 20190.8kmsite_ao
Sanctuary Stones 20190.5kmsite_ao
Robert Burns’ Masonic Apron 20181.2kmsite_ao
World’s End Close 20180.3kmsite_ao
World’s End Close 20180.3kmsite_ao
Museum of Edinburgh 20180.3kmsite_ao
Beltane Fire Festival 20180.3kmsite_ao
Museum of Childhood 20180.3kmsite_ao
John Knox House 20180.3kmsite_ao
A Scottish Philosopher With a Lucky Toe 20180.7kmsite_ao
The Writers’ Museum 20180.8kmsite_ao
Edinburgh Book Sculptures 20180.3kmsite_ao
The Witchery 20180.9kmsite_ao
General Register Building of the National Archives of Scotland 20180.4kmsite_ao
Taxidermy Remains of Dolly the Sheep 20170.7kmsite_ao
William Wallace and Robert the Bruce Statues 20181.2kmsite_ao
The Edinburgh Maiden 20180.7kmsite_ao
The Historic Stained Glass of Scotland’s Magdalen Chapel 20170.8kmsite_ao
The Flodden Wall 20170.5kmsite_ao
The Little-Known Rooftop Terrace at the National Museum of Scotland 20170.7kmsite_ao
A Heart Symbol Marks the Old Entrance to One of the UK’s Most Terrible Prisons 20170.7kmsite_ao
The Edinburgh Witches’ Well 20171kmsite_ao
St. James Centre 19640.5kmsite_brutalism

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